How to become a voice actor

how to become a voice actor

So many people envy the great works on how to become a voice actor over actors do. Voice acting is one of the most awesome careers that you can find in a theater. As the name suggests, the voice acting is the art of providing voice services to a video without your face necessarily having to appear. Therefore, voice acting can mean having actors performing that is through their use of voice in animated movies, video games, and many more.

 Unlike many conventional careers that you have a set path deciding to be a voice actor can be challenging. The reason for this is the roadmap to get to the top as a voice actor can be so challenging. However, we have done some case studies, which can help ensure that you are on the right track to success as a voice actor. In this article, we will look at different ways of becoming a voice actor, and we hope they can help you be one. Having this kind of information on your fingertip can be one thing that will set you apart from the many in the crowd pursuing the same career. So, without father a do, I think it’s ideal to start showing you how to become a voice actor.


Before we highlight the first few steps you need to take, it has given your attention to your unique vocal abilities. This can be a compliment from friends and colleagues, or it has been one of the most burning desires that you have had. Having a great voice is one of the things that can help you become a voice artist, but it’s not a big determiner. Many things play a significant role in a person ending up being at the top of his craft. 

We have all heard of ambition, and this is one of the things that can beat talent if a talented person is not that ambitious. The other thing is to have a business sense, which means you are not working without getting a payout. Let us look at the few steps that you should consider before getting into a voice acting gig.


The first thing you need to consider is getting better in that field to get into any area. Voice training or coaching is one of the most crucial steps to take for how to become a voice actor. Coaching and training are ways you can ensure that your voice is clean, and you have practiced how to say certain words. 

We all know that education is very crucial, and being well educated, being a voice-over artist means you will be ahead of the crowd. Therefore, it’s ideal that you get a voice coach who is one brilliant thing that you will need to do. Voice coaches can show you some techniques and even tactics for you to do which you might not be able to figure it on your own. The reason for this is these people have been doing these teachings for a long time, and they have become masters at their craft. 

Voice coaching or training can involve a wide range of things. 

You can be taught about the accent, which means learning a particular pronunciation or even reducing a specific accent. Your coach can also make you know how to develop certain voice characters to work in your favor when dealing with clients. If you are also a complete beginner, voice coaches can also be helpful when it comes to setting up production equipment and even how to market your services. This is the number one step that I will highly recommend taking for anyone asking how to become a voice actor. 

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As these guys have been in the industry too, it means they know lots of people, and if you are talented and hardworking chances are, they can easily link you up to potential clients. You can get some on the internet for those wondering where to find these coaches, and it’s not a must that you meet them physically. You can be learning with your voice coach on the web at set hours, and these few steps can help you a lot improve on your skill. This is the number one step to take for beginners or people already in the industry and want to see the best out of themselves as voice over artists.


Now you have enrolled on your voice coach, the next thing that you need to do is practice on your craft. This is one of the essential parts for anyone trying to get better at anything. The practice has proved wonders, and it continues to prove even more wonders to this day. Your voice coach will assign you some materials that you will be using for practice.

 Practice can involve reading aloud and doping it continuously until you believe you are on the right track. 

When you read aloud, you will be able to hear how certain words sound and the few changes that you can make to them to make them sound even more pleasing. If you exhaust the voice coach material, there is much more practice material that you can find online, which can significantly help. 

The other thing that you will need to do is read out to people or friends out loud so that you can see if your craft is improving. Doing this daily for a set period can be one of the biggest jumps that you can take in making a great career of voice acting. When you are doing these practices, you should ensure that you follow your coach’s rules or the set guidelines that he has given you to perfect your skills. Good and efficiently executed practice can be a great way of sharpening your skills at anything, which is why you need to do so daily.


After you can now feel that your skills are becoming top-notch and you are capable of a job, it’s time to start building your resume. Building a resume can be easy and tough at the same time, which is why you need to go slow about it. The first thing that I will advise doing is seeking some gigs which you can work on for free or at a small rate. 

This is one way of easily building your resume because now you can work on a tangible project which can end up in your resume. These are some of the gigs which I highly advise people to take because before someone asks you for a job, he/she has to see what you have done before. These kinds of gigs can be tough to get your hands on and that I why its ideal to use your voice coach who can link you with some clients. 

You will need to ensure that you do the perfect work as this is what the clients will be looking at before giving you a job. Having this resume can set you apart from most people in the same field if you grind hard and it can set you up for great success.


Having a recording studio is one other way which can see you become one of the baldest voice actors in the game. The reason for this is it will give you one of the best platforms for you to be able to record your demos. This is one of the big factors, too of how to become a voice actor. Demos are great, but they can be costly having to pay large recording fees for recording samples. 

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 I would advise looking up on YouTube ways in which you can set up a home recording studio within a budget. The technicalities are not that much and within a few weeks or so you will be on track recording and editing your voice overs. This ability can be of great help, and it can make you stand out when presenting your work to potential clients. 

The thing that you will need to do and keep in mind about a recording studio is as follows.

 A recording studio needs to be soundproof. This does not mean that it has to be so expensive because even using blankets or some foam can work in your favours in making your studio so efficient. You need to get recording equipment, and they don’t have to be high-end equipment as even the mid-range ones can work just perfectly fine. S you can also get second-hand equipment which can be quite helpful too, and when you start getting gigs, you can upgrade and even buy new ones. You will need a studio space, but this does not have to be that big, and it can also be small as a closet. 

At the studio, you need to ensure it’s soundproof. You have to make sure there are no unwanted sounds and set up a measure to deal with the remaining sounds. Microphones are also very vital on the quality of your voice overs which is why you need to choose them carefully. Mixers are also vital; plus, the type of headphones you are using. All these are the things you need if you are asking how to become a voice actor. If you take this studio thing diligently, then there is a high chance you will be recording some of the best voice overs than your competitors.


This is the last step of how to become a voice actor, and this is probably one of the essential parts. Marketing yourself is a big player in this industry because there is no way that you can sit around and expect to land jobs. You have to put yourself at that position of becoming known and after that, start landing paying gigs. The first point of marketing yourself these days is through the internet, which is one area to take advantage of. 

At the social media sites, you will need to ensure that your brand is clear, and you have a lot of demos to help you land jobs. With this ability, there are chances that you will be able to land the right clients who will, in turn, grant you jobs. There are sites like, and at this site, you can select the jobs that you want and with these jobs tailored to your skills will pop up. You can do these jobs as a freelance which can be great in keeping you in work. 

You can also hire an agency to represent you, which can be a great move.

 The ability to have an agency will mean you can get clients who approach agents for voice-over artists. If you want to be a paid voice artist, then this is a critical step of how to become a voice actor that you need to take. You can also market yourself by going to auditions around your community which can help you find some jobs. Auditions are some of the best places of landing gigs, and it’s excellent to audition for roles that you like a lot. And at these auditions, it’s best you audition at a skill that you are so good at which can be an excellent thing to do. Marketing is a solid step of how to become a voice actor, and if you want the best for yourself, then you need to take this step so serious.


We have looked at the several ways of how to become a voice actor which are ideal in taking you to the top. To be among the best, you will need to be very ambitious and follow the several steps highlighted above. 


Why become a voice actor?

Voice acting is one important skill, and having it can let you be able to exercise the ability to portray some acting in it too.

Why is a voice coaching important?

This is one way of escalating your skill so fast as you will be able to get first-hand skills from industry key players which is fantastic.

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