Firefox Certain Web Pages Won’t open. 

firefox certain web pages won't open

With the help of browsers, you can search the pages on your firefox individual web pages that won’t open fingertips. There are multiple browsers available on the internet that makes your searching easy. Not all web browsers work effectively. Some cause numerous problems while using. Among all the browsers, Firefox is best as well as useful.

 Firefox is one of the major web browsers with immense features. It is small but faster as well as secure as compared to other browsers. Around millions of masses use this browser to interact with the internet or download. It is present for Linux, Mac, and many more devices in approximately seventy different languages.

 Even it is much better than internet explorer. The reason is that it is faster and saves plenty of time. Somehow you may face the problem with Firefox. Individual web pages won’t open. In contrast to it, this web browser provides security as well as privacy. The deposit is related to your personal information when you are using Firefox. What does the user demand? The safety, as well as page loading, is done within a few seconds. Fortunately, Firefox provides them both with unique features.

This web browser is a tough competition for other web browsers like opera, chrome, etc. If you want to learn about Firefox, then download it for free. Most people use computers. On the window, they always use internet explorers for searching. However, they forgot that there are numerous options related to it. Firefox is one of them. The powerful web browser changes your view of searching for things. In addition to it, you will not need to worry about security. Your personal information is secure with Firefox.

History of the Firefox:

Dave Hyatt, Blake Ross, and Joe Hewitt began this fantastic project in the experiment branch of Mozilla Project. The first version of the Firefox was released on November 9, 2004. After version 5.0, a critical understanding was introduced every six weeks. Now the latest version of Firefox is Firefox 78. This version was released on June 30, 2020. Every version introduces new features. 

From the establishment to the present date, Firefox became the best browser globally from 1.0 to 78, and it’s every version is the best. In the future, it will also release numerous versions. The future test releases include Firefox 80.0 developer edition, Firefox 80.0 Beta. In addition to it, Firefox 81.0 nightly, developer addition, and many more are future test releases.

Features of the Firefox:

Although Firefox has few features, all the components are useful. These features make it easier to use. Moreover, Firefox has an element of built-in-pop-up-blocker. It helps to maintain your interest by preventing the advertisements. With the characteristic of the cross-platform application, it clarifies that it works under numerous operating systems. 

With every latest version, you will get the new features of Firefox. Private browsing is one of the prominent features of it. By this feature, you use the browser without any recording of your search history.

In contrast to it, your searching history will stay long on the other web browsers if you do not delete it. However, in Firefox, you do not need to delete anything. It will delete itself.

Why won’t Firefox individual web pages won’t open?

Are you having a problem related to the loading of web pages? If yes, then first find the root cause of this problem. There are numerous reasons behind Firefox’s web pages won’t open. 

Due to it, you will find the exact situation in your browser or the internet.

  • Internet Security Software blocking Firefox:  Think about that before the update of Firefox or internet security, you could load the web page or not. Somehow internet security software also prevents Firefox from internet connectivity. Due to this Firefox certain web pages won’t open. So you must make sure that your whole system is updated. These include internet security software too. Firstly remove the Firefox from your system then install it.
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firefox certain web pages won’t open connection settings:

  •  There is a maximum number of chances when connected via the proxy server. Somehow the internet with proxy servers causes numerous problems related to connectivity. By the misconception, Firefox certain web pages won’t open. You can check your connection from the option of connection settings. The prospect of connection setting is in Firefox. You will have to follow several steps related to this.
  • Tab to the menu option and select the options.
  • After that, in the general panel, by scrolling down, you will get the option of network settings.
  • When you find the network settings, then click the option settings.
  • Now you can change the proxy settings. You can do it in two steps. The first one is no proxy option. If you are aware of either your internet connection via the proxy or not. The second is when your internet connects to the proxy. What you need to do is compare. Compare the settings of Firefox with other browsers.
  • Close the option of the connection settings dialogue.
  • Further, close the page that is about the preference page. If you make any changes, then it will save automatically. 
  • IPv6: By default, Firefox supports the system that is IPv6. This system causes problems related to connections. You can easily disable this option for the reason

Firefox certain web pages won’t open. 

  • To make changes in the setting, you will have to follow some steps. So, let’s discuss the various steps that you have to follow.
  • Go to the address bar and type about config, then choose the options enter.
  • When you are done with this step, then the warning page will reflect on your screen. Choose the option, accept the risk, and continue.
  • Enter the network.dns.disableipv6 in the search field.
  • When you scroll down in the preferences list, choose the toggle button. By clicking it, you can disable the IPv6.


After that, your problem will resolve about firefox certain web pages won’t open.


  • DNS prefetching: For speeding the loading time of the latest websites, it uses the system DNS prefetching. This system also can cause the problem of page load error. You can again disable this option easily. Follow the below-mentioned steps to disable this.
  • In the address bar type about config and tab, the options enter. 
  • The warning page will reflect on the screen with the option to accept the risk and continue. Click the option.
  • Type the preference name that is network.dns.disablePrefetch on the search bar.
  • Select the toggle to make the changes in setting the preference value to the right when you need to do it if it is not set.
  • Firefox cannot load certain websites: If the Firefox certain web pages don’t open, then check the cookies cache. But the question is how to do it?. Here is the list of following steps by which you can clear all the Firefox Cooking Cache.
  • Go to the toolbar and tab the library button.
  • The option Time range to clear will appear on the screen. Scroll down and select the option for everything.
  • After the drop-down menu, you will get the option cookies and cache. Select the option of both caches as well as cookies. Apart from that, select all the items that you do not need. 
  • You will get the option clear now. So tab on the option of Clear now without the second thoughts to load web pages.
  • Examine the Malware: You can also prefer this option too when the above one is not working. Examine the Malware of your computer. There are numerous types of malware that attack Firefox. This attack is to download the various web pages. You can do this by loading multiple websites.
  • In the case of antivirus or any other internet security program, update it. Make the updates related to the detection database and scanning.
  • You can also follow the instructions related to troubleshooting Firefox issues. You can do this if your web page will not load yet.
  • Look for the extension- Sometimes, the extension also causes the problem. The extension related to Firefox became the reason for Firefox certain web pages won’t open. Somehow the issue is related to network access or the content. You can deactivate the extension lead from the Add-Ons. 
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The above mentioned are the main reasons behind the problem of Firefox certain web pages won’t open. With the help of instructions, you can resolve all of the issues. Follow all the steps to tackle the problem. Somehow with some precautions, you can load the web pages.

What kinds of things are in the history of firefox certain web pages won’t open?

The history of Firefox is the blend of several options. With detailed history options, you will be able to delete numerous data.

  • Download and browsing history: It is the list of websites that you have visited from the past month or years. You can view the list in the option history menu. Download history consists of the information you downloaded. 
  • Cookies- It stores all the information on those websites that you visit. It includes a preference of site as well as login status. +All the information is stored by the adobe flash plugin. Third parties use it. They can access your information too.
  • Active logins- Suppose that you log in to any of the websites via Firefox. This history is mentioned in the area of active logins. The best part id you can quickly clear all history from all logs.
  • Offline website data- With your permission, websites store the files on the computer. It is known as offline website data when you are offline, and then you can use this data too.
  • Cache- This section stores only the temporary files. These files include web pages and many more. If you find an issue, Firefox certain web pages won’t open then clear it. By cleaning of cache, you will be able to resolve this issue.
  • Site preference- It consists of a zoom level for several websites. In addition to its character, encoding, explicate the page info window.


You can quickly clear all your history easily. When you select the library button, then you will get option history. Select this option and then tab on click recent history. After that, you can also choose the amount of history. How much history you want to delete. With this, you can delete all the accounts. Even Firefox also has the option of automatically clearing the history. It will clear your history automatically without following the step.

Firefox is an interesting web browser to use. Like other web browsers, it also creates problems like Firefox certain web pages won’t open. But the details, as mentioned above, clear all your issues. Further, you can enjoy this.

FAQ of firefox certain web pages won’t open

1 How can you find the history of Firefox?

Answer. It is easy to find the history of Firefox. Just follow the below steps: –

  • Go to the Firefox toolbar. Choose the library button.
  • Tab on the history. It also includes a recent history list.
  • Choose the option of showing all the history.

2 What is the released date of Firefox?

Answer The initial release date of Firefox is September 23, 2002.

3 Who owned the Firefox? 

Answer Mozilla Corporation is the owner of Firefox. It is a non-profit corporation. Firefox provides a worthy browsing experience due to speed web page loading, security, and many more.

4 Can I delete the history of Firefox?

Answer Yes, you can quickly delete the history of Firefox. What you need to do is, follow the several commands. By a few steps, you will be able to clear the issue of history. Within five to ten minutes, you can clear your search history.

5 Why is Firefox not working?

Answer There is no significant reason that your Firefox is not working. Somehow the internet connectivity issue causes the problem in Firefox. Sometimes when your internet connects through the proxy is also the reason. In addition to it, this is also the reason Firefox certain web pages won’t open.



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