20 best japanese 3d games

japanese 3d games

3D gaming is one of the most popular forms of Japanese 3d games these days. We all love games in one way or another, and we do know how games are so vital when it comes to relaxation or even improving our mental state. Japanese culture has shaped many of the video gaming worlds, and they have been doing so for a pretty long time.

 3D gaming refers to the world’s three-dimensional representation in the form of height, width, and depth. Many people are fanatics of the Japanese culture and would love to know some of the best Japanese 3D games that they can play. This article will look at some of the top 20 best Japanese 3D games that you can get and start playing them.



One of the first Japanese 3D games on this list is Super Mario. We all know how famous Super Mario is, and this game began in 1985, and Japanese developers developed it. There are so many series of Super Mario that have been released since the game first came out as an arcade game. 

This is a 3D game that you will love its gameplay, which is pretty exciting and entertaining. There are different levels, and the game is available in powerful gaming platforms like consoles and even smartphones. This game’s graphic has evolved dramatically, and this is one of the best Japanese 3D games that you will always find entertaining to play.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the fascinating Japanese 3D games, and this was the first 3D game is the series of The Legend of Zelda. This is an action-adventure game set in a fantasy world, which is pretty impressive. The setting of this game is excellent, and the character in the game can defend or fight using different kinds of weapons and even spells.

 The Link can also collect new weapons from different areas, which can be used later for defense. As this is a fantasy game, there are instances where the Link can travel into the future after touching a certain kind of sword, and here the character can end up as an adult. There is the ability to travel between two different periods, which is excellent, and this is possible by using a sword. This is one of the best Japanese 3D games that I can highly suggest you play, which you will find entertaining. 


Dragon Quest XI is one game that has been developed by some of the best Japanese game developers, and this is one of the most exciting games to play. The great thing about this game is that it gives the players the chance to enjoy both 2D and 3D gaming, which is fantastic. The game is set in a world where players explore a world, and they try to fight the monsters in that world. 

The gameplay is pretty impressive, and with the great camera movements available, it all makes this game very interesting to play. There are some camera movements present, which is so great when it comes to playing, and they even make the game even more entertaining. This camera’s free roam nature is what puts this game in the list of the best Japanese 3D games to play.


You have probably heard of Final Fantasy, and the truth is this game has one of the best things when it comes to playing video games. This is a Japanese game that is developed by the Japanese, and this game is mind-blowing. The game has some of the best graphics, and the gameplay is pretty awesome. The thing I love about this game is the fact that the game has a particular world to it, which is crazy-making this game as one of the best Japanese 3D games to play.

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If you are looking for one of the best Japanese 3D games with some great action, then Nioh is one hell of a game to get. The action sequences in this game are surreal and so entertaining. The gameplay is exciting as it’s set in Japan in the year 1600, and players have some characters; they take their roles, which is brilliant. The fighting is based on slash and hack combat, which is fantastic, and honestly, you will have one of the best moments playing this game.


Ōkami is a 2006 game, but this is one of the best Japanese 3D games that you can still enjoy even now. The game has one of the best synopsis and gameplay that you will enjoy. The world in which the game has been set in is pretty amazing too, and it’s more adventurous. This is an action-adventure game, and if you love Japanese games, then this one will resonate with you well.


Bayonetta is another Japanese game that is great for playing on PC. It’s an action-adventure game that is set in a fantasy world called Vigrid. Bayonetta is a witch who happens to use her air to summon demons. She competes with the devil May Cry’s Dante. I love this game because of the great action sequences and the adrenaline of the combats. This is among some of the most significant Japanese 3D games that you can play and enjoy every bit. 


There is one game we have all heard of, and that is Resident Evil, and I bets most of didn’t know this is a Japanese game. This is one game that is a single-player game in a first-person perspective, and it’s survival horror. The game is scary and even more interesting, which is excellent. The graphics are pretty astonishing, which is why this is one of the best Japanese 3D games that you can play.


The other game Japanese 3D games that you will enjoy is the Secret of Mana. This is one exciting game that you will find, and this game had a 3D remake in February 2018, which makes it awesome. The gameplay is excellent, and it’s about a boy that finds a magic sword and sets out to revive the magic powers of Mana. It’s an exciting game and coupled with the new graphics, and it sets this game apart.


One of the best games with classic fighting styles in Tekken 7. This is a great game where players fight, and the great thing about it is the impressive 3D graphics that the game has. There is some great character customization that you can do here, which makes this an exciting game. The other thing I love is the ability to be able to play as special characters, which is what makes this game one of the best Japanese 3D games that you can get.


If you are looking for one cinematic and an action-adventure game to play, then Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the game to get. This game has some of the best graphics that you can get, which is why I love it, and the action sequences are so fantastic. The game uses an open-world design, and the gameplay is excellent, which you can take advantage of. The cinematic story that this game has is what sets it apart and makes it among the best Japanese 3D games that you can play.


Nier Automata is one Japanese 3D game action video game that has some breathtaking combat. The game is so entertaining, and the reason for this is because of the well-crafted story that the game has and the great characters that it has, which bring out the game greatly. The game is intense, and it even has multiple endings, which is fantastic. The fluid and fast-paced fighting sequence set this game apart as one of the best Japanese 3D games.



You have probably heard of this single-player game in talks among many video game lovers. The game is all about revenge to the extent of questioning one’s emotions. The story is interesting as Velvet is driven by revenge after losing her elder sister and unborn child. She later embarks on a journey of self-realization by joining pirates and traveling across the sea. The thing I love about this show is the tragic story that it entails, which is pretty great. The linear motion battle systems are also excellent. I like the fact that it has some beautiful art and great characters to it, making it one of the best Japanese 3D games to play.


Japanese developers have proved now and then that they are masters of this craft. The Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is one of the best fighting games that I can advise anyone to play. Some evil intruders keep on attacking the history, which is why time patrollers are needed to protect the world of Dragon Ball. The game allows you to create unique characters, which is exciting. I love the combat in this game, and if you happen to play it online, you will have the largest hub city, which makes this one of the best Japanese 3D games.


This game is a mixture of many elements from psychological horror, thriller, the mystery; you get one of the best experiences here. If you have watched SAW the movie, then this game has some similar thriller to it. The thing I love more about the game is the excellent cinematic story and the non-linear story it entails. This is a great game to play, and excellent gameplay hope you try it out.


When playing Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom on your PC, this is one of the most eye-appealing games that you can play. This is a great story-driven game that you need to get. The great features of the game are the combination of traditional Japanese RPG elements with modern enhancement. Vibrant 3d visuals and unique kingdom management are what make this game so exciting.


Toukiden 2 takes place about two years after the Toukiden: Kimwani events. Demons have come, and therefore slayers have to fight to kill them. There are a few things I love about this game, and that is the awesome weapons that the game entails and the skill system in the game, which is excellent. The game graphics are fantastic, and this game gets into the list of the best Japanese 3D games.


Another action-packed game is Dark Souls 3, and this is a third-person action game, which is so exciting. The plot is pretty much mysterious and very intriguing, which makes it very interesting. The game is addictive, and there is a lot that you can do, such as character customization, skill, weapons, and many more. The great features include weapons art, which has several special moves which are so exciting. This is a great Japanese game that you can play, and the graphics are to notch too.


The newest game in the hunter series is the Monster Hunter World. This is a great game to play as it has one of the best gameplays that you can get. This is an action game; therefore, the action here is jam-packed, which is interesting. There are so many features to this game, and this game has one of the best graphics that you can get, which is excellent. This is an excellent 3D game to play, and you need to check it out.


The last game on our list of the best Japanese 3D games is Attack on Titan 2. This is an exciting action game, and the game is based on an anime. If you love anime movies, then this game will be your favorite as it’s an adaptation of an anime movie. You have the ability to create your characters, which is why this is a great game to have.


So, we have highlighted some of the best Japanese 3D games which you can get and play. Before, Most of these games have some of the best gameplay. Also, you should check them out.  

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