Morgan Wallen Net Worth 2023, Career, and Controversies

morgan wallen net worth 2023

The voice behind One Thing At A Time is on the top of charts with a record-breaking week in Billboard 200! So, Morgan Wallen net worth 2023, personal life, and career are a matter to wonder for many fans and followers.

To satisfy your curiosity, we will explore Morgan Wallen net worth, rewards, assets, achievements, and lifestyle in this article.

Who is Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen, the rising star of the music world, is storming the industry with his soulful voice and appealing stage presence.

With his magical appearance on stage, Morgan resonates people of all ages. From mind-blowing concerts to record-breaking albums, his musical world is beyond boundaries.

Despite having some controversies earlier, Wallen is a talented singer and top-notch songwriter.

Starting with television, Morgan established a significant brand name with a wave of audience. With each new song, the country singer weaving a ground reality to peace of mind for listeners.

Morgan Wallen bio

NameMorgan Cole Wallen (Morgan Wallen)
ProfessionSinger, songwriter, composer, instrumentalist
Famous AlbumsOne Thing at a Time, Dangerous: The Double Album, If I Know Me, Stand Alone - EP, The Way I Talk, Cover Me Up
Instagram account@morganwallen
DOB13 May 1993
Morgan Wallen age30
Birth PlaceSneedville, Tennessee
Spouse/ GirlfriendKatie Smith
ParentsLesli Wallen, Tommy Wallen
EducationGibbs High School
ChildrenOne son (Indigo)
Morgan Wallen height weight1.80m (5' 11")/154 pounds (70kg)
Favorite FoodSushi and Burger
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital statusIn a relationship

Morgan Wallen net worth 2023

Morgan Wallen’s voice with beautiful lyrics like Want Me to Quit You, Want Me to Get You nurture an audience in US and Canada.

He made us cry and laugh, full of emotion. It’s almost impossible to ignore his stage appeal and presentation.

History rewards hard workers always, and Morgan’s life is not an exception. The Billboard Music Award winner, Morgan Wallen, has made nearly $14 million as of 2023.

Apart from his concert and album, Morgan also involves in promotional events and advertisements.

It is believed that Morgan is at the highest peak of his career and making enormous wealth. However, his journey from a humble beginning to becoming a top-leading singer was not easy.

Morgan Wallen Net Worth 2023$14 million
Morgan Wallen Net Worth 2022$13 million
Morgan Wallen Net Worth 2021$12 million
Morgan Wallen Net Worth 2020$11 million
Morgan Wallen Net Worth 2019$10 million


From 6 million followers on Instagram to 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube, Morgan is the craze of the internet. The internet rewards the top singer cum contributor in numerous ways.

During his peak time in his career, he has a good investment in real estate from Alabama and Los Angeles. The country singer has started investing in real estate and has a jaw-dropping house in Alabama.

In addition, he has some more notable holdings across the USA. His good time reflects his lifestyle, property, and other investments.

Apart from real estate valuables, he is passionate about cars. The American singer has a wide-range collection of cars like Range Rover, Dodge Challenger, etc.

His growing popularity is also expanding his four-wheeler obsession. We hope he will add some more expensive cars in the next few years.

Early life and childhood

Morgan Wallen was born and raised in a religious family in Sneedville, Tennessee. Lesli Wallen and Tommy Wallen are his parents. He has two sisters and one adopted sibling.

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Wallen has been determined on music since his school days. From childhood, Morgan impressed his family and relatives with his raw talent for violin and piano.

Being a part of a Baptist family, the country singer used to perform in a church. From his early days, he had a deep passion for singing and stage performance. Luckily, his religious but progressive family also encouraged his dreams from the beginning.

Wallen brushed up his raw talent in various local competitions and events, and it worked! The humble beginning of the rural teenager got some wings through public attention.

Not only sang well and performed with musical instruments, but he also honed his school basketball skills. However, some injuries caused him to drop the basketball dream.

Personal life

Born to Tommy and Lesli Wallen, Morgan was pushed on stage by his mother at the age of three. He started to play instruments at the age of five!

Despite their early age starting, the East Tennessee native got national attention in 2014 from the popular TV show The Voice. Though he was reluctant to join it, her mother was confident about his talent.

Wallen has been in a relationship with KT Smith since 2017. The couple has a child, Indigo, who was born on July 10, 2020.

After their separation, Smith always expressed her views about the ‘toxic’ relationship with Wallen. However, she did not blame Wallen for everything. She recalled the journey in her personal blog. Their first appearance on the red carpet of the CMT Music Awards has become unworthy to Smith eventually (as she said).

We are not sure whether the words and lyrics of his albums tell his own story or not, but his personal life is not stable even after his separation from Smith.

The country singer was dating Paige Lorenze. But the 24-year-old model accused Wallen of betraying and announced a breakup.

Moragn’s romance once again rekindled in Megan Moroney. They duo are said to be together right now!

Morgan Wallen’s journey

The singer of Up Down facing no slowing down since his first debut in 2014. His supporting mother, Lesli, encouraged him to join the TV show The Voice in 2014.

His auditioning performance (song Collide of Howie Day) received compliments from judges like Shakira.

It is disappointing that Wallen did not make a mark and got eliminated from the show. But he needed a major platform to face the world — ‘The Voice’ worked as his first platform.

He continued the journey for three years in the show. Since then, his growth story has been unmatchable.

Career graph and growth

Morgan’s extraordinary journey in the music world made their first footstep officially in 2016. With the first premieres of The Way I Talk, Morgan garnered the attention of the public.

The first single debut made his global stage for the future. Since then, there has been no tough time in his career graph. In 2018, his album If I Know Me solidified his position as a new star in the country.

After the controversy and pandemic break, he released a dangerous series album, Dangerous: The Double Album, in 2021. The sophomore project broke all streaming records and was top in Billboard for ten weeks!

In March 2023, Morgan stormed Spotify to set another record with One Thing At a Time. Needless to say, a similar response in Apple Music (US) scaled up his position among the top 15.

Decoding Controversies: A Glimpse of Morgan Wallen’s Trouble

In February 2021, Morgan’s video surfacing on various platforms faced a back clash. It contains racial slurs like the ‘N-word.’

The incident caused serious damage to his career. Several music streaming platforms dropped him and canceled contracts amid protests. But a section of his fan and followers also took to streets to support the singer. In a quick move, ACM disqualifies him from the 2021 ACM awards.

To combat the aggravating negative campaigns, Morgan issued an apology and asked followers to distance themselves from defending it.

Apart from this, his name is involved in playing without musk to misbehaving at Kid Rock’s bar. However, his stunning albums suppressed controversies and wiped out his troubles every time.

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Despite a setback in his personal life and controversies, Morgan’s charismatic presence and stage appeal resonate the fans beyond US and Canada.

Awards and achievements

Once, ACM Music and American Music Awards debarred him for racism. Radio platforms and streaming groups withdraw his songs from feature lists citing the controversial video. However, his outstanding performance and god-gifted talent rewarded him a lot.

According to Insider, he is the number one lead singer in the US, and since his first debut, some achievements have been as follows:

  • Winner of ACM Awards of 2021 for his album Dangerous: The Double Album
  • Morgan was also selected for New Artist of the Year at the 2020 Country Music Association.
  • He also achieved 24 Recording Industry Association of America certifications.
  • At the Billboard events of 2022, Wallen is awarded as the top country artist (male category)

Morgan Wallen’s social media presence

The country singer maintains a strong social media presence and interactions with various platforms. He shares updates and some behind the scene moments with fans.

He engages with fans and makes new announcements on Instagram. Some popular social media accounts of Morgan is as the list below:


Streaming platforms of Morgan Wallen

With his extensive list of songs, fans can enjoy his mega hits and latest releases on these platforms.

Spotify26 million monthly listeners
YouTube2.31 million subscriber
Apple MusicTop 15 (billions of streaming)
DeezerRank 56 (SA)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much is Morgan Wallen net worth 2023?

The Morgan Wallen net worth 2023 is $14 million. However, after his album in March, it is expected to grow more. Morgan generated income not only from albums and concerts but also from promotional events and multiple social media channels.

2. Is Morgan Wallen the top artist?

According to news reports, the country singer’s March album, One Thing at A Time (2023), stunned the entertainment world. It single-handedly wiped out other competitors from the place and became number 1 in the country.

3. How much does Morgan Wallen make per concert?

Depending on market value and popularity, the charge fluctuates. A sudden popularity can zoom up the price of a controversy, or a declining stage can reduce its value. Some booking portals estimate $2,500,000-$6,000,000 for every event of Morgan.

4. Who has the number-one country album?

Morgan Wallen’s One Thing at a Time was released in March and got the top position in the country albums. However, you have to wait for an entire year to confirm its position. Swift’s Red, Taylor’s Version remained top in 2022 (as per sales).

5. How many records has Morgan Wallen sold worldwide?

‘Dangerous: The durable album’ released in 2021 made record-breaking sales of 5,320,000. Fans are expecting to get a new record in 2023. However, the country singer set a record of 7,000,000 sales of all his albums in the US market.

Apple Music made 3 to 4 billion streaming of his brilliant creations.

6. Who is more popular Taylor Swift or Morgan Wallen?

Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen have an almost similar fan base that always collides with each other’s position.

Since June 2023, Taylor Swift has had a great smile, but Morgan Wallen’s March album could change the game. Taylor Swift holds her position as a topper in Billboard 200 chart.

7. Why is Morgan Wallen a controversial singer?

The country singer is not above controversy. The rising star is accused of using a racial slur. Even the growing controversy forced some organizers to ban him from events awards. However, Morgan issued an unconditional apology and asked fans not to defend it.

8. What is Morgan Wallen’s height and weight?

Morgan Wallen is tall at 1.80m (5′ 11″), though some estimate him as 6 ft. His weight is 159 lbs or 68 kg. It is obvious the country singer always takes care of his weight as a public figure.

Final thoughts

Despite some personal challenges, the though you should know singer entertains us with heart-wrenching songs.

Morgan’s success has not been limited to one or two years. Since his first album, his talent has rocked the music world.

If he can avoid controversies like 2021 while as drunk, he can dominate the industry for more years and outpace his nearest competitors.

We expect the promising artist to take the music world to another level and nurture more people beyond boundaries.

Some popular publications like NYT also warned Morgan about his controversial events. But his appearance in March 2023 with a new album just sidelined all debates and controversies.

It proved Mogan’s magic in the music world will continue. We want more Whiskey Glasses from him!

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