Nine Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious And Spa-Like

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Traverse City is known for the most beautiful beaches in Michigan; though it boasts a stunning shoreline, but also experiences slightly humid conditions. Consequently, the moisture in the air can take a toll on metallic fixtures such as door knobs and showerheads, leading to issues like rust and mold. 

This is why occasional bathroom upgrades may be necessary to combat these challenges effectively.

In the past, bathrooms often demanded the least attention in terms of decoration. However, this perspective has significantly changed. There has been a noticeable shift in people’s perceptions of bathrooms. Nowadays, there’s a desire to elevate the presentation of bathrooms, aiming for a polished appearance.

Crafting a luxurious and spa-like bathroom involves turning an ordinary space into a sanctuary radiating sophistication. Every aspect, from material choices to including considerate embellishments, contributes significantly to attaining an opulent aesthetic.

We have listed ways to make your bathroom more luxurious.

1) Free-standing tub

If the dimensions of your bathroom allow, consider the installation of a free-standing soaking tub as a strategic and luxurious design choice. 

This addition is more than just a functional element; it becomes a captivating focal point that immediately elevates the entire space. Introducing a free-standing tub introduces an element of luxury that transforms the bathroom into a sanctuary of indulgence and relaxation. 

We suggest looking for a bathroom remodeler in Traverse City near me to find experienced, reliable bathroom remodeling experts in your location. 

2) Choose a soft color palette

Opting for a soft color palette entails a selection of hues that resonate with tranquility and serenity. Delve into a calming color scheme characterized by gentle, neutral tones such as pristine whites, creamy shades, delicate pale blues, or even earthy, muted hues. 

These understated colors work harmoniously to cultivate an ambiance that is visually soothing and induces a spa-like sense of calm and rejuvenation.

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Choosing paint with a semi-gloss or satin finish is better for moisture resistance and easy cleaning. Look for mildew-resistant or waterproof options to prevent mold growth. Acrylic or latex paints work well due to their durability and water-based nature.

3) Some aromatherapies

Elevating your bathroom to a spa-like retreat involves carefully considering sensory elements; scent plays a significant role in creating a soothing and immersive experience. Scented candles and essential oil diffusers are powerful tools to infuse your bathroom with captivating and relaxing aromas, ultimately enhancing the overall ambiance and well-being. 

There is a wide variety of scents you can opt for, like some relaxing aromas like lavender, eucalyptus, or vanilla.

4) Heated towel rack

Imagine stepping out of a soothing bath or refreshing shower, enveloping yourself in a pre-warmed towel or robe that greets you with comforting warmth. A heated towel rack transforms this simple act into a spa-worthy delight, providing immediate relaxation and well-being. 

The sensation of being cocooned in the gentle embrace of a heated towel enhances the overall experience, making it all the more enjoyable and rejuvenating.

Another benefit of heated towel racks is that they offer convenience. It ensures that your towels and robes are always dry, reducing the risk of mildew or unpleasant odors.

5) Dimmable lights

When relaxation is the goal, picture warm, soothing lighting enveloping the area like a comforting hug. Dimmed lighting creates a calming ambiance ideal for unwinding after a stressful day or relaxing bath. 

This dim lighting evokes the warm embrace of candlelight, producing a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation.

Dimmable lights are flexible. With a flick of a switch, you’re in control. Craving serenity? Soft, warm glows cradle you in their calm embrace, perfect for unwinding after a hectic day. But wait, there’s more. 

Brightness ramps up, revealing every detail for makeup magic, precision shaving, or styling prowess. The lighting dance adapts to your mood and task, giving you the right ambiance.

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6) Fancy textiles

You can elevate your bathroom’s comfort quotient by deliberately choosing bath accessories. Opt for plush, top-tier bath mats, towels, and shower curtains that enrich the tactile experience and amplify the overall sense of coziness and luxury.

Imagine stepping onto a sumptuous bathmat that caresses your feet with cloud-like softness. This step can significantly enhance your daily routine, transforming an ordinary act into a moment of indulgence. 

The choice of high-quality materials offers a sensory experience akin to sinking into a plush cocoon, setting the tone for relaxation and comfort.

7) Spa-like accessories 

Spa-like accessories enhance the ambiance, comfort, and overall experience of a space, mimicking a spa’s luxurious and relaxing environment. These accessories create a sense of indulgence, tranquility, and self-care. 

Add a bath tray with books, tablets, or a glass of wine. Loofahs and exfoliators are also an option to cleanse your skin.

The integration of these spa-like accessories not only alters your routine but redefines it entirely. Suddenly, your bathroom isn’t just a functional space; it’s a retreat that beckons you to unwind, rejuvenate, and indulge in self-care.

8) Add greenery

Introducing potted plants or indoor greenery into your bathroom is a simple yet impactful way to infuse the space with a refreshing dose of nature. The presence of plants enhances the aesthetic appeal and contributes to a spa-like ambiance that nurtures your well-being. You can add aloe vera, orchids, and air plants to give a refreshing feel.

9) Music and soft tunes

Elevate your bathroom’s ambiance by seamlessly integrating modern entertainment into your relaxation routine. Imagine indulging in a soothing bath or shower while watching a captivating show. This immersion is made possible with a waterproof speaker system or a discreet television, transforming your bathroom into an oasis of entertainment and comfort.


Keep in mind that crafting a lavish bathroom extends beyond the physical components. It revolves around conceptualizing an environment that envelops you in luxury and indulgence. 

Embrace the journey, allowing your preferences to guide your selections. Craft each facet thoughtfully to weave the opulent bathroom you envision. Moreover, don’t hesitate to seek guidance for layout and finer details. 

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