Puzzle Games for Kids

puzzle games for kids

Naturally, children like to play games not only in their free time but also play routinely. Though children love games, parents are worried that games spoil their child’s valuable time and hamper in education. Therefore, we see parents consider the gaming device as their foe. But, things are now changing, and many good games come that offer both learning and fun. Here the puzzle games are one that offers both fun and learning. Though the child can’t play complicated puzzle games, we enlist some puzzle games for kids

Our listed games will help your kids to sharpen and boost their brains and mind. Also, those games will help your kids to learn both new words and spelling. Hopefully, those we discuss herein are easy to play, and your kids also love. We expect you to go through this article attentively and present an excellent game to your kindergartener or preschooler. 

6 Android puzzle games for kids

Let’s see below which puzzle games for kids we enlist in our article below.

Puzzle Kids – Animals Shapes and Jigsaw Puzzles

You want a game that helps them to recognize shapes & patterns and also build your child’s logic skills. If that game has colorful graphics and animation, it will readily be accepted by the kids. Such features you will find in the Puzzle Kids game. From the play store, it has downloaded 10 million times and has 4.2-star ratings. This exclusive game for kids offers a learning facility with its drag and drop object puzzles section. 

In-game, your child will find many mini-game challenges, and they need to locate and manipulate shapes, solve jigsaw puzzles. Also, they need to recognize how shapes fit into a larger picture. All the puzzles and shapes are colorful and easy to use, so it will perfectly match for tiny hands. After completing the games, stickers and toys will be given as the reward. 

In the game settings, you will find a way to set the game either easy or hard. Moreover, you can monitor your child’s progress like how faster they can solve the puzzle.

Let’s see the features that you will find in-game:

  • This game offers four unique mini-games that help to challenge problem-solving and logic skills.
  • Here you will find a colorful interface that will help your kids to manipulate on-screen objects.
  • This game’s offering mechanism or puzzles will help to improve concentration and cognitive skills.
  • Though the children love reward, this game provides stickers and toys as rewards, and those are easy to collect.
  • You will find this game is entirely free, and no 3rd party ads will not disturb during playing.
  • Colors & Shapes – Kids Learn Color and Shape

Color and shape play a vital role in identifying the objects. As we know it well, but for preschool children, its knowledge is mandatory. Though the busy schedule doesn’t allow the parents to teach those, a game is developed in this arena. Therefore you kids can get both fun and learn from one platform. Such a game is Colors & Shapes – Kids Learn Color and Shape. 

In-game, the player needs to identify the color, shape then match those in its suitable places. Besides, the puzzle section will help them to sharpen their mind. Though this game focuses on the kids, so, the using method is incredibly easy. When you go to download it, you will see over 10 million download times, along with 4.5 ratings. Let’s see the in-game features for the users.

    • You kid can learn to identify coloring objects by filling the blank objects with fun paint.
    • After tapping on the correct colored objects, it will be stored in the basket.  Hopefully, you kid like to collect more.
    • Here is a feature named look-alikes that help the child to match up the different same colored items. It will develop your child’s color identification and drawing skills.
    • Here lies the matching section that allows matching the shapes from a handful of shapes.
    • After completing all the mini-games, your kids will earn stickers as a reward. 
    • You don’t need to tense for getting annoying ads because it is out of this.
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Food puzzle for kids

If your young kids or toddlers love games, then try to make them used to the puzzle game. The reason is that the puzzle game helps to sharpen a child’s mind and develop their brain’s capacity. So, if you agree with us, you can try this Food puzzle for kids. It will be beneficial for your kids if they can’t identify the food. This puzzle game is designed to help the gamer to introduce numerous fruits, vegetables, and other food items. 

Your kid will hear the pronunciation and see the name that will help them to become familiar with the alphabet. Interestingly, a pleasant in-game voice will make your kids motivated and encourage them to increase their vocabulary level, memory, etc. Also, this game’s animations, sounds, and interactivity encourage them to play and learn. Hopefully, you have kids so; let’s see what features you will get herein.

  • Though it is developed for the child, so the interface is simple and intuitive. 
  • Here lie thirty different pronunciations and languages. 
  • There are hundreds of puzzle pieces in 100 different puzzles, and the navigation between puzzles is easy.
  • The graphics and image quality is high. 
  • Your child will find pleasure with its child-friendly background music and drag and drop animations.
  • Interestingly, your kid’s correct answer will be appreciated by the balloon animation.

Animals Puzzle for Kids

You want to make your kid familiar with animals but can’t manage time to go to the zoo. If this is the real scenario for you, you can give Animals Puzzle for Kids. With its different tactics and puzzle, your kids will easily familiar with the horse, dog, cat, and so on. However, here lie 100 different animal-related puzzles. Also, the pleasant in-game voice and appreciation will motivate and encourage them to build their vocabulary, memory, etc. Moreover, this game has an enriched amount of pronunciations, animations, sounds, and interactivity. Hopefully, those will help in repeat playing and also learning. Due to its blissful features, it has downloaded 10 million+ times with 4.2-star ratings. Let’s see what features are waiting for you.

  • Similar to others, the interface is child-friendly, which means the operation is simple and intuitive.
  • Here you will find thirty different languages and also pronunciation.
  • There are more than 350 puzzle pieces in 100 different puzzles, and the navigation between puzzles is easy.
  • Here lie cute cartoon animal illustrations, sweet background sounds.
  • When your kid can give an accurate answer to the puzzle, a balloon pop will appreciate your kid.


Baby Puzzles for Kids

Though children love games, so, better to give them a platform that offers fun, learning, and skill development. The puzzle game we will discuss herein will help to develop your kid’s cognitive, tactile skill with giving pleasure. Also, your kid’s memory power, attention, and logical thinking will be developed.

In-game your child needs to put wooden animal puzzles together to give the perfect shape of animals. Moreover, the pooping air-balloons and animal sounds will boost up your kids’ fun level. Hopefully, this game will help to make them calm while visiting a doctor, airport departure, etc. Here the game’s fun will retard them from crying and trying to grizzle. You may be looking for the feature, so for you and similar to others, we discuss those features below.

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  • This game is designed to develop your child’s fine motor skills, memory, and attention.
  • Your kids will hear the animals sound during playing that will help them to learn animal sounds.
  • Here your kid can play Montessori learning games and puzzles.


Jigsaw Puzzles – HD Puzzle Games

There you will find lots of puzzle games for kids, but all do not give you blissful services. For you, we pick six puzzle games herein. Hopefully, you already read above, and here we discuss the last one. Our last choice is the Jigsaw Puzzles – HD Puzzle Game. This game offers thousands of high-quality HD pictures like beautiful landmarks, wonderful food, interesting people, amazing art, lovely animals.

Here you can choose four difficulty levels and can play more than hundreds of pieces. Interestingly, it has a coin system method like the more coins your kid earns, the more level will unlock. After all, this game is not only a memory booster for kids but also a relaxing app for adults. The features of the Jigsaw Puzzles – HD Puzzle Game are:-


  • You will find tons of free HD puzzles like beautiful landmarks, wonderful food, interesting people, amazing art, lovely animals. 
  • This game offers a free puzzle daily. 
  • Here you will find a coin system, so the more coins the gamer earns the more level will unlock. 
  • The gamer will find four difficulty levels to play.
  • To explore more challenging puzzles, you can use the rotation mode.
  • This game lets you change the background as your preferences.
  • As a gamer, you can create your puzzles by using your image or photo.
  • This game lets you see the progress and let you play multiple puzzles at a time.

The guide to playing puzzle games for kids in PC

Although all the puzzle games we enlist herein are for android, you can also play it on your PC. Whatever your operating system is either Windows or Mac, you can run on any OS. Both processes are the same, here all you need just to download an emulator and follow these steps.

  • Firstly, you need to download an emulator software like Bluestacks by navigating to the official site.  Here you can need to use your browser and type the emulator’s name then press the enter button. 
  • Once you find the right URL or the official site, and then download the games exe file. Here you will find the download button and click on it to get the exe file. 
  • After getting the exe file, now click on it and it will take time to download its required file. Now, it will take a few moments to become ready to operate.
  • When it becomes ready, a new window with the sign-in in Play store option will appear. Here the sign-in is mandatory, and it needs to be done through an authentic Gmail.  
  • After finishing the sign-in process, your account will open and let you download your desired apps. To download the apps, you need to type the app name in its search box then tap enter. Hopefully, you want to download the puzzle game so type any name from our puzzle games for kids list. 
  • Now, you will see the puzzle game along with some suggested apps. Generally, your searched app will lie at the top on the list. So, click on it and click the install button that has a green background. 
  • Once you click the button, the app shows the installing sign and automatically downloads on your PC.

Final Thought

So, we are now on our finishing section, and hopefully, you can get all our discussion. As you know, children love games, so, better to give them that offer fun, learning and skill development. Hopefully, puzzle games are that kind of platform which offers three activities simultaneously. In our article, we bring six puzzle games for kids, and we hope your kids will love those.  

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