The Best SMS Apps for Your Startup in 2022

Best SMS Apps

Thousands of startups appear every week around the world. People want to realize their skills and ambitions by creating and implementing their own projects. Many ordinary people think that startups are necessarily associated with modern technologies and innovations. In a way, they are right. After all, the implementation of a startup is always a search for a new business model. People are looking for new approaches and ideas to solve problems and challenges to achieve the desired result. However, a startup is not only IT or electronic technologies. It can also be activities in the field of sales, services, production, etc. The main difference from classical business is a special business model on which the creators of the project rely. If they manage to solve issues with scaling, financing, and efficient management of work processes, then, as a rule, such a startup becomes successful with Best SMS Apps .   visit here

Statistics show that very few managers achieve such a result. More than 90% of all projects are closed within the first year. Many overestimate their strength and do not cope with the difficulties that arise. Some make mistakes at the stage of planning and creating a business model, marketing strategy, or team building.

Today, it is important to use business applications correctly to succeed. Does your business have a large client base? Then you can not do without the help of SMS marketing tools. This is one of the best ways to confirm orders, alerts, collect feedback, promotions. You don’t want to add to the sad list of closed projects, do you? Then use only the best SMS apps in 2022!

What are the criteria for a quality SMS service?

SMS services are in high demand in recent years due to the growth of online services. A modern person can literally solve most everyday tasks without leaving home using his smartphone. No wonder SMS marketing is a huge business all over the world. The market offers hundreds of platforms with their advantages and disadvantages. Despite the large selection, not all SMS applications are suitable for small businesses or startups. Many of these platforms are aimed at corporate companies, political campaigns, and other groups that want to send thousands of SMS messages a day, rather than smaller businesses that want to maintain a more personal relationship with their customers.

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Experienced managers identify several criteria that help determine the level of the SMS platform:

  • Ease of setup and use. An SMS application should not require an additional setup specialist for your business. The service should offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It’ll alow you not to waste time and money learning and using it. Do not forget about the support service. You can ask questions and get detailed answers
  • Ability to integrate with other applications. Today it is impossible to effectively develop a small business without the use of corporate messengers, task managers, and other digital tools. Therefore, the SMS offer must be able to be integrated, at least with popular business applications, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc
  • Ability to two-way SMS exchange. Thanks to thE feature, you’ll be able to fully communicate with your customers. A startup needs to receive feedback from its users. This helps to make adjustments to development plans, correct mistakes, correctly distribute new priorities, etc.
  • Affordable cost. Most start-up projects experience funding difficulties. The main reason startups close is the lack of money for work and promotion. After all, many people invest their personal funds when starting a business. And if funding issues are not resolved, they can quickly end. Therefore, you should choose SMS platforms that won’t hit the project budget

What to choose as Best SMS Apps ?

You can try different SMS platforms before making your final choice. It’ll take you a lot of time, effort, and money and there is no guarantee that it’ll bring you the desired result. On the other hand, you can use popular SMS marketing apps that meet all of the above criteria. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Clerk- Best SMS Apps 

Slack is the most popular business messenger/task manager for efficient teamwork. Large companies and small IT teams use it. The tool offers great functionality to create and optimize all workflows. A key feature of Slack is its free integration with third-party applications, including Clerk,

Clerk is one of the best VoIP services. It fully unlocks the potential of your business phone to interact with customers or partners. Use automatic SMS alerts, get user reviews, accept orders, confirm orders, and much more! Clerk allows you to use Slack SMS to run your business from a single business tool workspace.

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The Slack developers have added Clerk to their Brilliant Bot list, which they believe has the most useful integrations for their app. Such recognition is the highest quality rating of Clerk SMS app!


TextMagic is a great app for young businesses and startups. To start using SMS, you just need to go through the registration process. It won’t take long. The setup wizard and intuitive interface will help you quickly understand the application.

TextMagic makes it easy to send simple messages. But it doesn’t mean it has few features. You can set up SMS sending so that replies go to the API, web application, or your email. Create templates, add contact lists by importing an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, and more.

SMS app supports integration with third-party business tools, such as Zapier, and Slack. You’ll have the opportunity to use organizational tools and planning calendars for marketing campaigns, promotions, etc. Implementing TextMagic for your business is only limited by your imagination!


SimpleTexting is an excellent SMS service for fast marketing campaigns. The platform has been on the market for many years and has an excellent reputation. SimpleTexting will help you streamline your daily routine by freeing up your employees for other tasks. Send alerts to customers, conduct promotions and surveys, and collect reviews in just a few clicks!

SimpleTexting has a nice interface and simple settings. Therefore, you’ll not have any difficulties when using it. The most important function of the SMS app is the trigger system. A trigger is an event that starts an automation script. For example, if you want to send a text message every time you receive an email, the trigger would be a new email.

The SMS platform allows you to analyze marketing campaigns and other activities. Analytics contains information about:

  • the number of new subscribers and unsubscribed people
  • keywords
  • operation of the answering machine
  • user responses

SimpleTexting will help you turn your most daring ideas into a successful business that brings pleasure and income!

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