The best weather app for iPhone list for 2020

Best weather app for iPhone

When it comes to the best weather app for iPhone, you have a hundred or even more options to pick from the App Store. Beyond those, Apple phones come with a built-in app with decent animation and graphics. If you are looking for a different weather app style for your phone, here are the top ones that made it to the list for 2020’s best.

How to choose the best weather app for iPhone?

The basic feature of any best weather app for iPhone is the accuracy. You can just look out the window and say whether it is sunny or cloudy. You do not need an app for it. The app should have accurate forecasting features and tools to indicate warning situations, like a hurricane, tornado, or others. The next feature is the efficiency of the app. It should not take too much space or slow down your phone. It should not come with a load of advertisements or pop-in notifications every ten minutes. Last, the app should be budget-friendly and safe.

Radarscope – The best app for severe tracking

If you live in a geographical location where severe weather is common, this is one of the best weather app for iPhone that you can invest in for your safety. The app provides exclusive data related to dual-polarization, velocity, echo tops, reflective, accumulation, and more. It can give lightning alerts, storm alerts, and severe condition warnings. You can choose to upgrade to the Pro package to get real-time alerts and extended loops. It is the right app for you if you want weather reports from US TDWR or NEXRAD radar.

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The only downside to this app is the cost. It costs $10 for the basic membership. This app is the most expensive one on this list. If you are a member of AllisonHouse or Spotter Network, you can get better information.

Hurricane – The best weather app for disaster-preparedness

Hurricane of American Red Cross is a niche product for those who wish to learn about wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and others. The weather app comes with a toolkit, strobe light, loud alarm, and automatic texting service to pre-registered numbers. This app is the complete package for anyone planning for the D-day. Also, the app has connectivity with the NOAA radio for weather reports and exclusive information.

If you live in a hurricane-prone region, this app is very helpful. It can provide information about when it would hit and the range of the disaster too. Beyond all these, it is a free app.

Weather Channel – A simple and efficient app for iPhone

If you are not into disaster preparing and would like a decent yet simple app, the Weather Channel is the right choice. It has an interactive interface with an hourly or daily alert. You can find information about the weather, wind speed, UV index, humidity, and road conditions related to weather.

The app also offers forecast videos for your location. This app’s specialty is the information related to the weather like news stories, scientific discoveries, and nature videos related to the weather. If you wish to make the weather a part of your daily learning, this is the best app, and it is free to download.

Dark Sky – The app for precision

The Dark Sky app offers precise predictions with minute-to-minute updates in the weather. You can get an overall outlook of the day, weekly forecast, and more. The app also brings an interactive interface that allows users to find details about any severe conditions. It is quite specific and accurate to the minute. For instance, the app can indicate whether there will be rainfall in the next 20 minutes. The cost of the app is $4.

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WeatherBug – The app for weather and news

WeatherBug gives in-detail news about the weather and related subjects like allergies to look for during the season, and more. The app has a pollen index report, which includes details about the triggers found in the atmosphere in your location. It provides 24-hours, 7-days, and hourly weather reports. You can connect the app with SmartHome devices like Nest, SmartThings, and Honeywell to get reports about the energy spent on heating or cooling based on the weather. It will also give you a report of how much you can save on utility based on the parameters you set.

Weather Underground – A personalized weather app

Weather Underground app gets data for 200,000 weather stations set up by weather enthusiasts around the world. Thus, you can get in-detailed reports about the weather, hazard conditions, flash floods, power outrage, and others. You can customize the information based on what you wish to track. For instance, if you wish to learn only about the hurricane, you can modify the interface to meet that requirement. The app also connects with the closest weather station to give live reports, pictures uploaded by users closer to your location, and more.

CARROT weather – An app with a burn

Do you want an app that burns you with comments and sarcasm? CARROT introduces an AI-powered interactive interface that offers comments based on the weather reports. Like, ‘your heating bill might bankrupt you,’ ‘I wish you get a sunburn,’ and more. If you do not want the same old monotonous weather app, this is the best twist you can look forward, every day. It also gives mini-games to keep you interested. The AR-features make a carrot appear in your room. If you wish to have a funny app for weather, CARROT weather is the right choice for you.

Beyond these, there are numerous apps currently trending in the weather category. It is one of the most popular genres in the App Store. Since you have a multitude of options, you need to surf the details about the app, features, and benefits before you decide to pick one. It is also best to surf the reviews from the users to learn whether it is worth downloading.

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