Where Can I Watch Tokyo Revengers

Where Can I Watch Tokyo Revengers

The television show Tokyo Revengers has caused a commotion among the anime fan community. Incredible things happen, people die, and amusing scenes of pals being goofy with one another. The idea of this anime is what makes it stand out and move viewers to tears. Tokyo Revengers is available on Crunchyroll and Disney+, among other streaming sites. Those who aren’t in Japan may watch Tokyo Revengers on the Muse Asia YouTube channel or Bilibili if they have an Animax Asia subscription.

Where Can I Watch Tokyo Revengers?

The Tokyo Revengers anime series is available on Crunchyroll and Disney+, among others. You can also catch it on Animax Asia and M.B.S. Japan, among others.


The first season of Tokyo Revengers is now available on the streaming service that requires a paid membership. Crunchyroll. Sony Pictures and Aniplex, the anime division of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, are the proud owners of the popular website Crunchyroll. Most of the company’s business is exporting and distributing East Asian media, especially Japanese animation, to other parts of the World.

Where Can I Watch Tokyo Revengers

To be sure that you may watch the first season of Tokyo Revengers, you need to go to Crunchyroll, which has the right to distribute the program. In addition, you can access Crunchyroll from over 100 different countries, so there’s a strong chance you’ll be able to use it no matter where you are. A subscription is required; prices range from $9.99 to $19.99 monthly.


Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is exclusive to Disney+ after the streaming service paid a hefty sum in late 2022 to get the program air rights. As a result, Disney+ and Disney Hotstar (the Indian version of Disney+) will be your best bets for streaming the second season of Tokyo Revengers when it premieres in January 2023.

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M.B.S. and Animax Asia

You may find Tokyo Revengers all around Asia, not only in Japan.

MBS TV, accessible in Japan, is where you can see Tokyo Revengers. In addition, Tokyo Revengers may air on the Animax Asia TV networks in locations outside of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. It is available for streaming in Asia on platforms like Bilibili and the Muse Asia YouTube channel.

How To Watch “Tokyo Revengers”

Disney’s disjointed streaming service structure disappointingly means that the second season of “Tokyo Revengers” is only accessible on specific platforms in some regions.

  • You may stream “Tokyo Revengers” on Hulu in the States.
  • The program may be seen on Disney+ outside of the United States in countries including Australia, Canada,  Ireland, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.
  • South Koreans also have the option of watching the show on Netflix.
  • If you’re a resident of India, you’ll be pleased to hear that Tokyo Revengers is now available on Netflix.
  • Anime fans in the European Union who want to watch Tokyo Revengers will have to sign up for Crunchyroll.
  • Currently, both Amazon Prime and Netflix are available in Malaysia.

Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers is now available on Hulu.

The second season of Tokyo Revengers is now streaming on Hulu in the United States. Still, need to sign up to use Hulu? Hulu is one of the most extensive Streaming Libraries and provides a free trial month in addition to other monthly subscriptions. Cancelling at any point is possible, and all of them will let you watch Tokyo Revengers. Following is a rundown of the strategies:

The annual Hulu Plus subscription costs $74.99, saving you $120 over the year compared to the monthly plan’s $7.99 pricing. The display of advertisements offsets expenses under this plan.

The Tokyo Avengers: Is It Available on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime still need to carry Tokyo Revengers. If the anime show gets a third season, that may change. Potential rivals to Disney+ for the show’s exclusive streaming rights include Hulu and Netflix. The movie Tokyo Revengers is, nonetheless, available on Japanese Netflix. Since the show has its roots in Japan, this may be the case.

How to stream Tokyo Revenge from Anywhere in the World?

Tokyo Revengers may be seen from any location to avoid any geo-restriction issues. If you follow our instructions, you’ll soon be viewing content securely using ExpressVPN.

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ExpressVPN makes it simple to unblock Hulu from any location and enjoy lightning-fast viewing speeds using a U.S. I.P. address. It boasts the fastest rates of any app, router, or gadget on the market. Additionally, you may have faith in their stringent safety measures.

What Is “Tokyo Revengers” About?


Takeuchi, a middle-aged Japanese guy, is the anime series Tokyo Revengers protagonist. Not only is he jobless, but he also doesn’t seem to have anything going on in his life. One day he learns that the violent Tokyo Manji Gang has taken the lives of his ex-girlfriend from his teenage years, Hinata, and her brother, Naoto. Because of his anguish, he gets pushed into the tracks as he walks past a railway station one day. He manages to stay alive but discovers that he’s regressed for 12 years.

Where Can I Watch Tokyo Revengers

During their encounter, Takemichi forewarns Naoto of the future. Naoto lives via this narrow escape. After shaking hands with Naoto, Takemichi goes back to the end. Since he can transfer himself this way, he resolves to alter the course of events. Averting the death of his ex-girlfriend is his priority. He also plans to enter the Tokyo Manji Gang to prevent the gang’s demise and Mikey’s eventual descent into evil.

Ken Wakui created the manga series Tokyo Revengers. The 30-volume manga series debuted in March 2017. Sales of over 65 million volumes make it one of the most successful manga franchises ever. In April 2021, an anime adaptation of the manga debuted, further increasing the series’ popularity.


How can I watch Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers in Canada?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 may be seen in Canada by connecting to an American server using a VPN. Express VPN is a service we endorse due to its dependability and speed.

Has Tokyo Revenger finished?

The last chapter of the Tokyo Revengers manga came out on Wednesday, November 15, 2022. It has the number 278 on it.

Is there any truth to the tale of Tokyo Revengers?

In 2000, it came to light that Tokyo Revengers’ main character Ken Wakui belonged to a gang. The author undoubtedly drew upon his experiences as a former gang member while writing Tokyo Revengers.

In Tokyo Revengers, who is the strongest?

The head of the Tokyo Manji gang is known as “the invincible Mikey” since no one can match his level of power. He has no equal in the Tokyo Revengers world.

Can I see Tokyo Revengers on HBO?

Episodes of Tokyo Revengers, starring Yuuki Shin and Azumi Waki, are accessible on HBO MAX and for a fee on Hulu with a membership. There hasn’t been a single person who has given him a tough battle.

Tokyo Revengers has how many episodes?

Presently, Tokyo Revengers has 24 episodes. However, by the time the second season premieres in 2023 on Disney + and other streaming platforms, that number may rise to 48.


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