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who this number registered

Nowadays, it is very typical to receive calls from unknown numbers, and there are options to activate the “Hidden mode” for calls. However, when you want to return the call, how do you know who this number registered to is?

Don’t worry; today I’ll give you an answer to that.

In the past, it was straightforward to know the identity of the people who called you. There were telephone directories, and it wrote all the numbers (or most) there. You just had to take the guide and look for the name or number.

Ready, problem solved.

Since the arrival of cell phones, these guides began to be forgotten. The number of cell phone lines sold is too great to keep a list of them.

In addition, mobile technologies are constantly improving, adding options such as “hide phone number.”

Find out how to quickly find out who this number registered to is.

Before, it was straightforward to find out who was calling you. Today, you have to be a professional detective to find (or at least get closer to) the phone number you want to locate.

Six ways to start your research: who is this number registered to

1. Search Engines

Indeed, it has happened to you: an unknown number calls you, and the first thing you do is go to the old and reliable Google. He knows everything.

Still, search engines are not as effective when it comes to finding a cell phone number. But, of course, if you investigate well, you can find the country or a more exact location of calling you.

2. Social Networks


Almost all social networks have an option to find people by cell phone number (unless the account owner has disabled that option). This way, you will be able to know whose cell phone number is.

Another way a little riskier is to give the option “forget account” and “recover with phone number.” So you can see additional information about the account, such as a profile photo or an email.

3. Reverse Lookup Services

Reverse lookup services like OpenCNAM are pretty standard, but they are not that easy to use. These services allow adding a “hidden number” in a database and obtaining user information.

CNAM, which is short for Caller ID NAME, refers to the person’s name or company making a phone call. CNAM data allows phones to display the person’s name and the caller’s phone number.

Of course, to use a service like CNAM, you will have to carry out integrations so that when the call comes in, the Caller ID Name shows you the data.

4. People seekers

Some services help verify profiles to find honest people in case of fraud or computer crimes. They are yellow pages for finding people, although they do not guarantee that your search will get positive results.

5. Search on ad websites

We have all used ad websites at some time; who hasn’t?

Searching on ad pages is an effective option to find out whose cell phone number is. Just go and add the cell phone number; you will find the line’s owner sooner than expected.

6. Android applications

The PlayStore gives you hundreds and thousands of applications that can help you find phone numbers. But many of these cannot help you ultimately, and they are restricted by Google security.

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That is why you have to look for these apps outside the PlayStore, and there you can find some perfect ones: see how to find out whose cell phone number is.

This app allows you to know exactly the name of the person who is calling you. Indicating if it is an ordinary person or a company or service.

Reverse Search with WhatsApp: Registered number

This shape is a bit more complex, but it can also give you incredible results. Of course, it would help if you had BlueStacks and install WhatsApp on your PC.

Reverse Search with WhatsApp

Once you have WhatsApp installed, log in with this unknown phone number. It can be an effective way of knowing the identity thanks to the backup copies that WhatsApp makes.

How to find out who this number registered to is– is it possible?

According to data from the International Monetary Fund, 1.5 billion smartphones are sold in a year. And while some users would keep their lines, many others would use new lines. Buying a new phone line is very easy.

Although there are services that can help you find a specific phone user, they are not infallible. They can always be wrong or give zero results.

Everything is a matter of being encouraged to try. Research each method I gave you and found the one that is most effective for you.

Do you dare? Do you have a better method? Let me know.

Do you regularly receive SMS spam on your mobile or unwanted calls on your landline or mobile phone? Find out how to block unwanted calls and texts.

Many of you receive unsolicited phone calls on your landline, your mobile, or even SMS spam. Indeed, your data may be resold to marketing companies.

So that your personal information is not transmitted to third parties and thus limits unwanted calls. It is preferable to avoid checking the box “wishes to receive information” when registering online.

Be aware, however, that it is still possible to ask these marketing companies to get you out of their file.

How to block unwanted calls on mobile?

To block unwanted calls on your, several mobile solutions are available to you. First of all, with all smartphones, it is possible to reject calls from specific numbers automatically. Whatever your mobile, iOS, or Android, you can block unwanted numbers from text messages or the call log.

How to block unwanted calls on mobile

On an iPhone

To block a number on an iPhone, all you have to do is press the “i” symbol next to the number to be rejected. At the bottom of the contact card, you must then select “Block this correspondent.” By activating this function on your iPhone, you automatically block calls and SMS from this number.

To automatically reject a call from an Android smartphone, the process is also straightforward. First, you must press the number to block, then select “Block / report as SPAM” in the options menu. Then all you have to do is confirm the blocking of the mobile number by pressing “Block.” After that, you will no longer receive calls or texts from this number.

Another alternative to block unwanted calls on mobile, you can choose only to receive calls from your contacts. This setting, which automatically filters your calls; make in the settings of your smartphone.

Finally, many specific applications contain regularly updated lists of known unwanted numbers. In this area, we find, in particular, Blacklist Plus (Android) or Whoscall (iOS).

On an android phone

With an Android mobile, it is also possible to block hidden numbers, i.e., unknown calls. To do this, go to your phone’s settings:

  • select the “Call” item, then choose “Call rejection.”
  • then “Automatic rejection mode.”
  • and “Automatic rejection list.”

All you have to do is check the “Hidden call” box to block unknown calls on your Android smartphone automatically. Although note that this feature is not available if you have an iPhone, you can nevertheless download an application to block anonymous calls on it.

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Good to know!

Hidden number calls from operators prohibited by the Hamon law of March 17, 2014. A company that does not respect this law can be sanctioned by a fine

How to block unwanted SMS?

In the same way, as mobile calls, you have the option of blocking unwanted text messages or spam on your mobile.

With iOS (iPhone), from messages, press the “i” symbol displayed at the top of the window, then select the “Info” tab. Once on the contact card, press “Block this correspondent.”

If you have an Android smartphone, the process to block SMS spam is also simple. First, go to your SMS, then open the unwanted SMS and go to settings. Then select “Participants and options” then “Block.”

Another possibility, from your smartphone, is it possible to send a “STOP.” SMS so as not to bother by the sender of the message.

And if you continue to receive SMS spam, you can report it to the Voice and SMS Spam Fighting Platform. To do this, send it by SMS.

SMS reporting thus makes it possible to transmit the numbers emitting spam to telephone operators. Once your unwanted message has been transferred to the platform, you will receive a message to complete your report. Then, all you have to do is resend the number that sent you the unwanted message.

How to block advertising calls on a landline?

Some telephone operators offer options (free or paid) to block unwanted calls to a landline that allow you to block calls from hidden numbers.

Although these not withheld numbers, some devices now allow you to reject calls from unwanted numbers. For example, the manufacturer Panasonic has launched a landline telephone that filters and blocks unwanted incoming calls. There are also boxes to connect to a landline. These allow you to stop pre-recorded unwanted numbers. In addition, it is possible to add numbers to this blacklist.

Think of the good old “red list”!

By default, when you have a telephone line, you registered in the universal directory. However, you have the possibility of getting out of it by putting yourself on the red list. The red list is free.

To register on the red list, you must directly request your supplier via your online customer area or by telephone to the latter’s customer service. After you request registration on the red list, the operator adds you to it within approximately 15 days.

And if you want to keep your number in the universal directory while blocking telephone canvassing, you can opt for the Orange list, also known as the anti-prospecting list.

Bloctel: the platform to fight against abusive canvassing

To stop telephone solicitations from companies, you can register your number in a Bloctel opposition list. This telephone opposition list set up by the State in 2016 allows the telephone numbers (landline or mobile) of users who do not wish to solicit to register free of charge.

FAQ on Who is this number registered to

1. What is Internet spam?

Spam, which in the US, we call junk mail or spam, a form of unsolicited electronic communication, most often advertising. Primarily targeting electronic mail, spam distribute in a massive and automated fashion.

2. How to stop spam on mobile?

From the Android call log, tap and hold the suspicious number, then in the options menu that appears, choose to Block/report as spam. Then validate the blocking by pressing Block in the pop-up that appears.

3. Why am I getting lots of spam?

“Spam” is a collective name for unwanted (advertising) emails. That is most likely because your email address is on a list of addresses in possession of different spam senders if this is your case. It is why, every day, this type of message is multiplying.

4. How can I stop receiving spam from Orange?

Suppose you want to ban the sender of an unwanted message, display one of his messages. Then, on the toolbar, click the Treat as junk button. Orange then transfers your message to the junk folder and offers to ban the sender.

Conclusion on who is this number registered to

Finally, you know that it is pretty simple to find out anybody by his cell phone number. It is compulsory to have every citizen’s number registered. These days people have become more competent; they invent new techniques to trace anyone. You can find several ways on the internet, so you don’t have to worry about annoying calls. Also, this article will help you to complete your action. Let us know your opinion.

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