Haldiram Franchise – How to Get Started in India

haldiram franchise

Haldiram Franchise is one of India’s most popular brands. The company has over 25 years of experience and more than 300 franchise stores in India.

They are familiar for their wide range of products, including pickles, samosas, gulab jamun, this, laddoos, burfis, and many others.

Their customer base is so huge. That it is almost impossible to find a Haldiram store that has not been branded in one way or another.

However, Haldiram products are widely spread in India and over the ocean as well. They have a good presence in the U.K., which gives them a good competitive advantage.

Moreover, their products are competitively priced, and they have a good distribution network all over the country. On top of that, the quality of their products is high.

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity for the Haldiram brand, Haldiram Franchise is the best choice. The company is a growing brand and will increase demand in the coming years.

So, keep reading to learn more about the Haldiram franchise.

What is Haldiram?

So, what is Haldiram? Haldiram is an Indian food company that specializes in sweets and spiced snacks. Haldiram was founded in 1894 and had over 4,000 retail outlets across India.

Currently, there are 450 Haldiram outlets in major cities of the U.S., including New York and Washington DC. Haldiram has a presence in the Middle East, South Africa, and Malaysia.

How do I open a Haldiram franchise?

If you are interested in opening a Haldiram franchise, you can visit their website. You will find step-by-step procedures to open a Haldiram franchise, along with information on costs, etc.

You will first need to pay a certain fee at their head office in New Delhi. Once you have been approved, you will provide your outlet’s exact location and size.

haldiram franchise

Then, the initial investment required to set up an Haldiram store is around $10K-$15K (Indian Rupees).

Finally, the good news is that there are no upfront fees, as all initial investment is payable to Haldiram after working 3-8 months with them.

The beginning process:

The company has a four-step process. The steps include:

  1. Research
  2. Visit
  3. Make the decision
  4. Training

The first thing you need to do is to create a business plan. You will also need a business license. There are a variety of different kits that you can purchase that you can use to help you with this process.

If you want your business to be global, you must place a franchise agreement with a particular company (the regional head office). This will give you access to additional franchises.

You will need to purchase a franchise. The franchise will give you access to additional training. You will also assist with the initial start-up.

Then, you will need to advertise the product and get approval from the regional head office.

You will need to conduct market research. Also, you need to pass the mandatory training. Then, you need to complete your financials. It’s time to prepare for your first launch.

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To do that, you need to obtain your sales kit and make the financial buy-in. After That, you can conduct the first launch and the first training.

You should choose a business location and set up an office. In addition, start your marketing. Finally, it would help if you grow your franchise business.

How can I become an Haldiram franchise owner?

– The initial payment of the registration fee at their head office in New Delhi (about $350)

– Submit your bio-data and business plan to them

– Reviews of your infrastructure, site-specific structure, and how the current scenario supports Haldiram’s brand promise

– Quick call to their H.Q. for more details and get their certification. Then you can move ahead with planning with the Design+Production Agency.

They need one session of your existing outlet and the rest of the world cup required. So, it’s just a matter of your commitment. And then you are on your way with the Haldiram brand.

They can give you more details about the Design + Production Agency here. Or if you know anyone who can help you connect with them.

Haldiram’s brand value is becoming increasingly global as it ventures into foreign markets while simultaneously spreading its reach in existing domestic territories.


If you want to make a difference in how Indian food is experienced, then there are many opportunities available for those with vision and ambition.

A Haldiram Franchise is one of those opportunities as it has the advantage of being the largest franchise company in India and having a long history of success.

haldiram franchise

This article will discuss what considerations must be made before getting started, getting started, and what returns can expect from this investment. Steps:

Deciding on a Franchise Opportunity:

Many opportunities are available in the food industry, and a quick search online will show you the scope. Haldiram is a well-known brand in India.

It has been running for many years and has a strong base of operations. So, it is a strong brand and is a good opportunity to invest in a food franchise business.

Getting Started

First, you will need to determine which region you want your franchise to operate in. This is because the franchise is available only in certain regions.

You can find out the list of regions that are presently available on the company’s website.

What is the Projected Return on Investment?

So, there are many different ways to calculate the projected return on investment of a food franchise business. The most common way is to look at it in terms of a monthly return.

It is calculated by dividing the average monthly income that the franchisee generates over a particular period by the total cost of investment in the franchise.

What are the Advantages of the Haldiram Franchise?

Haldiram, located in North India, has been around for over 50 years. Their business includes producing popular snacks, sweets, and frozen foods.

Haldiram is revered for its quality products and service to its customers. This article will help you to start with your Haldiram franchise.

Product and Services

Haldiram produces a wide range of frozen and packaged foods. They sell various products such as boneless chicken, chicken tikka, kheema, and pakora.

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These products can use for both home and professional use. In addition to these products, they also sell various items that are perfect for takeaway.

Where should I start with marketing my business?

Regardless of the business, you’re in; marketing is key to success. But where should you start? It depends on what your goals are. Great search engine optimization (SEO) is a must if you want to grow your business.

The challenge? Many small businesses don’t have the time, skills, or expertise necessary to handle everything with a solid SEO strategy.

However, from keyword research to content evaluation, from page optimization to internal linking, it’s easy for companies to end up with a generic web presence that doesn’t inspire engagement or drive conversions.

In this piece, we’ll tackle key outsourcing operations, including how it can benefit your business—and why SEO can’t entirely outsource.

How do I find qualified employees at the time of opening?

– The best way to find qualified employees for your Haldiram franchise is to hire employees from other Haldiram franchises. It ensures that your new franchise has the same high standards as the other locations.

– You can also advertise through the company’s website or post flyers around cities where you’re looking to hire.

– If you’re looking for someone with managerial experience, try posting on LinkedIn!

How do I get my first customers?

As soon as you open your franchise, you’ll have customers waiting for you. After reading about your new business, your first customers are the people who follow or like your Haldiram Facebook or Twitter account.

Your other customers will come from the local community. You can get in touch with people in your area by contacting them on social media.

In addition, visiting their homes to offer samples of your product, or talking to them at a fitness center. The key is getting out there and talking to people!

What are the benefits of opening a Haldiram franchise?

– Low upfront costs: Opening a Haldiram franchise requires no upfront costs so that you can start with a lower budget.

Slow but steady income growth: Your income will grow slowly but steadily over time.

– Help from a parent company: If you’re not sure how to start your own business successfully, Haldiram has an experienced team of consultants who can help you get started.

Haldiram’s corporate culture:

The company have three principles-

-The first is the customer.

-The second is the franchisee, and

-The third is the regional office.

The company’s message is: It’s all about the customer. The franchisee’s role will be to sell the product to the customer.

So, the regional office’s role is to support the franchisee. Haldiram is a company that treats each franchisee like a part of the family.

However, the company believes in supporting its franchisees, and in turn, the franchisees are supposed to give back to the company.


The person who started the company has now taken all the responsibility. He is the owner of the business and the CFO. He is responsible for his own business and for taking care of other franchisees.

The franchisee’s role is to support the company. Haldiram does not have any franchise system. The person who has bought this franchisee can also do the same. The company is a direct seller.

It does not sell through a distributor, nor does it have a sales force. The company makes its products and sells them to the stores directly. The company is not very large. It has a presence in India, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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