MTN Data Plan Code – How To Choose The Data Plan

MTN Data Plan

Do you have an MTN data plan code for mobile? Looking for the easiest way to charge your phone? No panic, nothing too complicated! Nevertheless, to make your life as smooth as possible, here is a small practical guide to the many ways to quickly top up your MTN Mobile credit and the various existing MTN top-ups.

If you want to activate the newly acquired MTN SIM card, it is necessary to follow a few concrete steps! It is first of all essential to go to your MTN mobile Customer Space. Then bring your username, but also your password chose previously and connected to your personal space.

Still a little patience! Because it will take a few hours for the final activation to take place. An email will then confirm the successful activation of your line! All you have to do is give me a call!

How to activate MTN data plan code?

Then it is essential to know how to top up a mobile MTN card! If several possibilities are available to you, we advise you to use the application which will allow you to top up your card in less than 1 minute! Focus through three stages!

First of all, to top up an MTN mobile in 1 minute, it is essential to start by selecting the top up of your choice according to your needs (Internet, Mobile. or both!) And the available offers. You need to indicate your phone number and the amount you want to pay on your card.

Please enter your payment method, whether it is a Visa card or a Mastercard. You have to pay the amount due!

All you have to do is take advantage of your mobile credit!

Buy a refill from an independent reseller

Don’t want to make your top-up purchase on the Internet? Please do not panic. It is possible to opt to purchase your refill directly from an independent reseller. If you prefer such an option, be careful not to get ripped off or accidentally opt for an overpriced mobile top-up.

How do I top up my MTN data plan code card abroad?

Finally, it is perfectly normal to wonder if it is possible to top up a mobile MTN card from abroad. Everything is possible. It remains to be seen how!

First of all, we must remember the territories in which MTN is available: Zambia, South Africa, Yemen, Uganda, Swaziland, Rwanda, Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Ghana, Cyprus, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Congo, Benin, or Afghanistan. It is possible to charge your mobile without worries from these operating countries.

You could then use one of the following methods:

As with conventional top-ups, independent resellers remain available in the above countries. It is then possible to favor the purchase of credit from an independent reseller or a mobile MTN store. Despite everything, be patient. The lines can sometimes belong.

If you prefer to charge your mobile remotely, but without going through the Internet, it is still possible to use the good old customer service provided by MTN mobile. Be careful despite everything at the rate of calls which can quickly become salty.

Finally, you can prioritize recharging on the Internet, mainly through the application. Follow the instructions specified above, and in 1 minute flat, it will credit your mobile card!

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MTN mobile users? Everything is said. Go for it!

Are you about to travel abroad and want to stay in touch with loved ones or use mobile Internet? Here is a guide on how to activate roaming, roaming sure to use your mobile phone in good conditions when traveling, on the networks of other mobile operators. There are indeed some precautions to take and, sometimes, some operations to perform on your phone.

Activate communication options from abroad

Call or consult the Internet while roaming. An Roaming step: make sure that your operator allows you this type of use. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the free option “communicate from abroad” or “access from abroad” is activated. On most plans, including Orange, Bouygues, and SFR, this is the case by default, but if in doubt, there are several ways to make sure: in your online customer area, on your bill, or, as a last resort, to your customer service.

Having a network abroad is automatic!

Once your roaming is Roaming, you can leave with the assurance of using your phone on the network of an operator in the country visited. The “switch” is usually done when crossing the border. Or on arrival at the airport when you turn on your mobile. On your screen, the letter “R” for Roaming is at the top of your screen: you then receive the network of an operator with whom your supplier has signed an agreement to allow you to benefit from your services in the best conditions. For example, to take advantage of 4G and thus have an excellent mobile Internet speed.

During this changeover, your operator usually sends you an SMS to inform you of the conditions of use and prices in the country visited.

My roaming is not working: what to do?

Even when you have correctly activated roaming, the switchover does not take place correctly. Your phone then remains blocked on a network other than the one with which your operator has agreements. That can lead to coverage or speed problems, up to the inability to use mobile Internet. Under these conditions, it may be helpful to perform a manual network search.

In the “Settings / Mobile networks” menu, you will find the available networks. But it isn’t easy to choose one without knowing which one is the right one. Pressing “automatic selection” should allow your phone to activate roaming correctly with the partner operator. If that still does not work, the empirical method remains: in the same menu, select one by one the available networks to find the most efficient.

No network abroad: what to do?

You are still not receiving: this may be due to a lack of coverage from the partner operator in the area where you are. It is also possible that your telephone is not compatible with the specific frequencies used by certain operators. We meet a problem in particular on the American continent (United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru).

Data roaming: connect to the Internet abroad

Mobile Internet when traveling can be convenient for finding your way. Selecting a restaurant, checking the timetables for different places, or staying in contact with loved ones on social networks. It is not enough to activate roaming: it is necessary to ensure that your smartphone is correctly configured.

Activate mobile Internet abroad

Still, in the “Networks” section of the Settings menu, you will need to ensure that the “Data roaming” or “Data abroad” option is checked. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the various online services: navigation, emails, applications, weather, tickets, and reservations.

However, be careful; roaming data consumption can generate significant out-of-bundles if the country in which you are located is not included in your mobile offer. To find out how to avoid this type of inconvenience, see our guide on disabling roaming and mobile data roaming.

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When it comes to choosing a data plan, it’s easy to go wrong. If the user needs more than what he hired, he is losing money. And if you need less, too.

How to choose the data plan you need: MTN data plan code

  1. If you are going to keep your mobile Internet on, never hire less than 1 GB. The reason is that the applications and utilities on your device can do bulky downloads without you noticing, such as updates or ‘patches’ that can eat up a good ‘slice’ of your data. Another reason is that you may become fond of your constant connection or that one day you may need to use it more intensely than usual. In those cases, it is better to have room to do so. The advice also works the other way around: if you chose a data plan of less than 1 GB, it is not a good idea to keep your mobile data running all the time.
  2. If you don’t stay in a Wi-Fi zone for long, try to buy at least 2GB. If you are on the move or your home or office does not have a wireless connection, you will need your mobile connection often, sometimes even to share Wi-Fi with other devices. You should choose a data plan of 2 GB or more because any smaller amount may be scarce if that is your primary means of connectivity, especially if you will consume streaming services on your devices. A tip derived from this is that if you have less than 2GB of mobile data, try to connect to your home and office wireless networks as much as you can.
  3. If you are going to share your mobile connection with multiple devices constantly, your ‘floor’ should be 3GB. There is no need to worry if, an afternoon or two, you decide to ‘serve’ Wi-Fi to your laptop or tablet from your mobile. But if you plan to do it every day, it is best to choose a bulky data plan and avoid surprises. Keep in mind that, in general, the larger the screen, the more data is consumed: a tablet tends to use more ‘megabytes’ than a phone and a PC more than a tablet. Bonus tip: be very careful with the pile.
  4. If you like video and are going to watch or stream it anywhere, 4GB is the minimum. If you decided that this new smartphone with a Full HD screen and 4G connection is to watch one video of kittens after another while you go home from work, or if your new tablet will replace your old television forever, it must have a lot of data. Simultaneously, if you need to make regular teleconferences from anywhere, or if you are going to take to the streets and do television from your mobile, your consumption will be even higher. In any case, you should choose a super loaded data plan, and for that, the minimum is to have 4 GB.

FAQ on MTN data plan code

  1. How to offer an MTN package?

How it works:

Dial * 123 # and select “offer a package”. Choose the package you want to offer. Enter the recipient’s phone number and confirm.

  1. How to give an internet package?

One-off sharing by clicking on “Share immediately”: you can choose to share all or part of your Gigas immediately. You can use them immediately and until the renewal of the package of the line which has benefited from them.

  1. How to offer an Orange Internet package?

Want to share an SMS pack with your friends? The service that allows you to send a Plenty package or an SMS package to your loved ones. Dial # 131 * 5 # and choose the package you want to send.

  1. How to transfer Mega Orange?

Enter the USSD code * 303 # and follow the instructions. The Orange et Moi application is available for download in the Android Play Store. In the Recharge and Transfer section, choose Transfer or share units, mega, or bonuses.

Conclusion on MTN data plan code

The first tip is to watch your data consumption. Today, all smartphones allow this, and we already told you how the procedure is in a previous note. If you know how many ‘megabytes’ or ‘gigs’ you use each month, and if your routines are relatively constant, adjusting your plan is much easier. But if you are a new user or feel that your habits have changed, it is best to follow the following recommendations.

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