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splash screen in android

As per Google, 53% of portable clients will quit utilizing a site or Application that is splash screen in Android stacking over 3 seconds. That is the reason it is essential to provide your users with the best user experience and make it conceivable to expel all bugs and mistakes while the page is stacking. Yet, when in doubt, the client’s experience turns out to be significantly improved if the stacking page contains some intriguing and engaging design. Do you imagine that design of the page and stacking speed share nothing for a common purpose? But you will find it an essential combination. For what reason do you need it, and how it functions? All answers you will discover below.

What is a splash screen on Android? 

A splash screen in Android commonly is a screen that is shown on an application or a site that appears to the users while the Application or website is stacking. A launch screen shows up right away when your Application is started. The launch screen is immediately changed with the main screen of your Application, giving the feeling that your Application is quick and responsive. Since gadget screen sizes differ, launch screen sizes shift as well. 

An expertly structured has a chance of making your Application look progressively proficient. Shockingly in Android, we don’t have an inbuilt option to show a splash screen when compared with iOS. 

Regularly, a splash screen shows a logo, brand description, some of the time a loading indicator.

Primarily splash screens in Android have been related to brand reinforcing. Yet, we should dig further into the reasons why you may require an application splash screen. 

What makes the splash screen so significant?

A splash screen in Android is a picture you can see when the application or site page is stacking, so Ordinarily, you see the full screen secured with an animated image or logo of a particular brand. The splash screen in Android is a well-researched and decided marketing technique. However, there is no such information about the app which used the splash screen in the android concept first.

But it has become clear now it was a million-dollar idea. It provides the app or website time to load while it keeps users engaged for a while. In advanced apps, the higher level of the splash screen in Android is introduced where you can see the files which are loading. In earlier days, it was a necessity as the internet connection was quite low at that time. Without splash screen in Android, the first thing that users see would be a blank screen, which might give the users the impression that the app or the website has been crashed if it takes a bit more time. We know how impatient we users have become (thanks to google).

How to get a splash screen?

You got several ways you can generate splash screen in Android for an android app. in this post, we have discussed two standard methods of implementing splash screens and can find the proper way.

  1. You can generate splash screen in Android with the help of Timers which is generally not suggested
  2. else you can create a splash screen employing a Launcher Theme; a better alternative compared to the previous one
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Generating splash screen by using timers

This is considered as the most straightforward method where you create a splash activity and make a thread in on create for shows up for 2/3 seconds, then open the desired action.

we can use a Launcher Theme

does one know when an activity is named Android OS first see within the Manifest? Is there any theme for that activity and cargo the theme from manifest.??? So, we’ll set a custom theme in Manifest for our splash activity to create the argument for the splash screen in Android follows the below process.

Create a background for splash screen splash_screen_background.xml in res/drawable directory.

Create Style for Splash Screen in res/values/style.xml.


What should the splash screen on Android look like?

You will create your splash screen, it’s your decision. What should it be, and how you want your splash screen to look like? I will be providing a few examples of some reputed brands at the end of this post also. Still, it is essential to think about some main items as follows:


Feel free to choose the color you like to, and also, you must have noticed that a splash screen in Android with a contrasting or bright background will always give you an upper hand. However, it is seen that many big reputation companies use their company’s color scheme. User experience and feedback will be highly improved if you choose a good color scheme.


You should keep your logo in contrast with the background and also remember to place it in the middle of the screen. This will provide your logo with a beautiful and bright look to your users


Add the name of your brand inside your logo or below it to form your brand recognizable. If you do not possess sufficient skills to call your business with a name or confused about it, get a person who can do it for you.


Why not add a phrase which will inspire or motivate your users? I have seen many of the companies like to write their slogan on the splash screen in Android. The slogan will reveal the biggest goal of the app to the users. While the user will read and think over it, the loading process is going to be finished.

 Essential details for the splash screen to contain

Never use the following:

  • advertising;
  • a couple of splash screens; 
  • overloading with many elements that increase the delay. 

Always use:

  • Make the splash screen in Android with your company’s logo, which will be more than enough.  
  • Make the loading process as quick as possible.

All critical issues to think about if you propose to make a responsive design.

Read recommendations on creating an efficient, responsive design: when a responsive website prevails.

And now, it’s the time to know the way to make a splash screen in Android. Our last but not the smallest amount point will show you ways to try to it.

Useful points to the proper splash screen in android implementation

You must travel deeply into the experience the way to create a splash screen duly. You have to take care of specific issues when you have decided to make your splash screen in Android or an iOS device.

Mind about screen resolution and size

First, confine the mind that the resolution of your splash screen should appear within the highest possible quality.

This is often a significant factor for any splash screen in android design, and it’s an immediate impact on users. A placeholder of your app should function perfectly if a picture with a top-quality appears. But if it involves the Android app, it can bring more headaches since there are many Android devices on the market. what’s the solution? Well, there’s one way: it’s necessary to make splash screens in Android in three sizes-small, medium and enormous ones. Our developers follow this rule if they have to make a splash screen for Android OS.

Don’t complicate, but ignore triviality.

On the one hand, it should not be too simple since it’s the primary what people concentrate on once they launch your app. But, on the opposite hand, a splash screen in Android is meant to catch users’ attention for a couple of seconds, no quiet. So, it should not be very hard to know, but triviality isn’t the choice also. If you’re at crossroads, our specialists will assist you in finding the proper way.

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Show users launching progress.

Even if you chose a pleasant picture to be present on your splash screen in Android, otherwise you have an honest logo or slogan, it doesn’t suggest that folks are going to be one hundred pc satisfied. So, it might be better to feature a progress bar that will show the loading process. When people skills much time it takes for them to attend until your app loads, they’re going to feel easier. Moreover, the progress bar allows people to ascertain that everything is functioning well; no crash goes to happen. Don’t test the patience of users, and you will not regret it.

Show your brand at it is best.

As we noted above, the bulk of companies use the brand of their brand on the splash screen in Android, and it’s not a surprise. So here, you would like to urge the simplest from your brand to astonish future users. Ditch copying of ready-made solutions from other companies. you’ll take their idea and improve, but simple copy-paste won’t bring you success. Our UI/UX designers can offer you a couple of interesting ideas that will show your brand in it is the best design. These simple steps can assist you in making a very amazing splash screen in Android.

Below are some samples of the splash screen for your Android

  The splash screen of the YouTube app

Watching splash screen in Android requires an equivalent amount of your time the app must load. If you are doing it for the primary time, waiting can take longer, on the other hand, it’ll take less time.

Splash screen in Android: How it had been used successfully

We already concluded that splash screen should be used with apps that are loading longer than usual or if you would like to extend customers’ loyalty towards your brand. Let’s inspect successful samples of splash screen in android design.

 YouTube and Google splash screens in Android

Among many YouTube and google docs generally need a longer time to load itself. They have also set a good example for the splash screen.

Nike splash screen with a racetrack

Nike also has an interesting taste of splash screen in Android. It has chosen a completely red background and over it a white color logo, which is an interesting color combination. Also, you’ll see a racetrack that shows the most goal of the app.

 Adobe splash screen for Android of web app

 It shows the method of loading and various pictures to entertain you.

Frequently asked questions 

Q: How the screen in Android works?

A: Screen Example in Android Studio

  1. Open res -> layout -> activity main. …
  2. Create a replacement XML file splash file. …
  3. Now open app -> java -> package -> main activity. …
  4. Add this code in splash activity. …
  5. Open resource after then layout and choose activity main.

Q: How do I make my splash screen full screen on Android?

A: Send a Message

  1. Create a replacement Android application project, namely “splashscreendemo”…
  2. Design application launcher icon. …
  3. Create a blank activity to define the main activity class. …
  4. Enter the main activity details. …
  5. Delete Android’s support library from the project, it exists. …
  6. Update the file res/values/strings.xml.

Q: How do I make my activity full screen?

A: Using Android Studio (current version is 2.2. 2 at moment) is extremely easy to feature a Fullscreen activity. See the steps: Right-click on your java main package > Select “New” > Select “Activity” > Then, click on “Fullscreen Activity”.

Q: How long should a splash screen in Android last?

Firstly, the screen in Android should be quick. How quick? As quick as possible, but never quite 2 or 3 seconds. If, they need to take a seat around and await an app to open for quite a couple of seconds

Q: Are screen in android pages good or bad?

A: Splash pages aren’t all bad, but the cons usually far outweigh the pros. … A splash page interrupts them from doing so and causes friction which can inevitably end in some users bouncing. Not only are you providing a poorer user experience, but a rise in bounce rate can hurt your SEO.

What is the difference between a splash page and a landing page?

A landing page may be a standalone. This page created to satisfy a conversion goal. A splash in Android, on the opposite hand, maybe a that pops up once you first enter a site. A in Android is that the introduction to your website, while a landing page won’t appear until after a user fills out a form

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