Jio fiber registration: How to register jio fiber online

jio fiber registration

In this modern time, life without technology becomes worthless. Technologies make our life comfortable and entertaining. Nowadays, social media platforms rise to their peak, and the Internet is the only reason for the development of the social platform in the world. The Internet is the only way to connect people with the online world.  In India, The formation of Reliance jio comes with a revolution in the internet industry. Before the presence of jio telecom companies, they charged a very high rate to provide the Internet. Today we discuss Jio fiber registration.

When Reliance Jio comes on the market, they provide reliable packs of calling and data facilities at a reasonable price. This will lead to a big revolution in the wi-fi broadband Industry. 

After some time jio launched their wi-fi broadband called Jio Fiber. In this article, we’re going to explain about Jio Fiber registration. We’re also going to cover all the related information regarding Jio Fiber. But, first, let’s take a short overview of Reliance Jio. 

Reliance jio 

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, which is popularly known as Reliance Jio was established on 15th February 2013. The founder of this company is Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani. This company offers Telephonic services, Wireless broadband, and many other services. I today’s time, reliance jio is the leading telecom company in India. 

Reliance Jio Fiber 

Jio Fiber is wireless wi-fi broadband. Jio Fiber is the product of Reliance jio. Reliance Jio launched hip fiber across 1600 cities. The plans of Jio fiber start from RS 699 to RS 8499. The speed range of Jio fiber from 100mbps to 1gbps. After buying jio fiber, users also avail of the free subscription of many OTT platforms.

The plans of Jio Fiber also contain the facility of unlimited voice calling and data. This initiative of reliance becomes a successful initiative for reliance jio. Now, Jio fiber is available in the market, and lots of people are enjoying its services. You have to register yourself on the website of jio her and have to complete jio fiber registration.

I am sure that you understand about Reliance Jio fiber. Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of Jio Fiber. 

Pros of Jio Fiber 

  • Stability in speed and latency

The speed performance of Jio Fiber is excellent. This wireless wi-fi is a great product for providing high speed and latency to its customers. 

  • No buffering on streaming

Again, we return on speed. Jio Fiber is specialized for online video streaming. You can also use a jio TV app from mobile, but make sure that it has connected with wi-fi. 

  • Dual-band router

Jio Fiber has a Dual-band router that supports 5GHz. This Dual-band router also supports connections up to 40 devices. 

  • OTT platforms

Reliance Jio provides many OTT platforms of Movies, Music, and Video streaming in Jio Fiber. 

Cons of Jio Fiber

  • Data Mining 

Many websites used your Data for Data Mining. Well, you can take a VPN subscription to avoid this problem of data mining. 

  • Blocked websites

Many customers complained that some websites, including torrents, are blocked. So, this can be a big con for Jio Fiber because it decreases the quality of this wi-fi router. 

So, these are the Pros and Cons of Reliance Jio Fiber. Now, let’s discuss the process of Jio fiber registration. 

How to register Jio Fiber online?

To complete the process of Jio fiber registration, you have to visit its website. After visiting the site, you have to follow the steps which are listed below. 

  • Go to the website of Jio Fiber (
  • If you don’t reach the website, then you can go for an alternative way. You can also use the Myjio app for the registration of Jio Fiber. 
  • Go to the option of Jio Fiber connection on the Myjio app or
  • Enter your residential address. Make sure that your speech should be correct and precise. 
  • They ask you for your details. So, fill your details like your Full name, mobile number, email address, etc. 
  • Now, click the option of ‘OTP Generation.’ 
  • The company sends you OTP on your registered mobile number. 
  • Enter the OTP (One Time Password) and wait for the confirmation.
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After completing the process, an executive from Reliance Jio set a meeting with you for the verification of the information provided by you. They accept your application only when the service of Jio Fiber is available in your city. 

So, here we provide the Step-by-Step guidance about Jio fiber registration. 

Things to remember

  • Make sure that the address you provided to the company is genuine. 
  • If you’re living in a city where the service of Jio Fiber is not available, then the company will reject your application. 

Jio fiber plans

Reliance jio offers 6 unique plans for Jio Fiber. The 6 categories are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium. Let’s discuss what facilities are given through these plans in Jio Fiber. 

Bronze plan

Plan type:- Bronze plan is a basic plan. 

Data:- This plan contains 350GB of high-speed data. The company also added Data on the benefits of lockdown. 

Internet Speed:- This plan contains a high-speed internet up to 100Mbps. 

Benefits:- This plan comes with free voice calling, TV video calling, and gaming worth rupees 1200/- 

Extra Benefits:- Jio Fiber contains the subscription of Jio cinema & Jio saavn. This is a pocket-friendly pack, so the facilities of this plan are minimal. 

Price:- To avail this Jio Fiber plan you have to pay 699/-   

Silver plan

Plan type:- This plan is also essential. 

Data:- This plan contains a total data of 200GB. Lockdown benefits add 200GB. Primary data and annual plan benefits make a total of 800GB data with this plan. 

Internet speed:- You’ll get a high-speed internet, which is up to 100 Mbps. 

Benefits:- This plan of Jio Fiber comes with free voice calling, Video calling through TV worth RS 1200/-

Extra Benefits:- You’ll get the free subscription of Altbalaji, SONY LIV, VOOT, HOICHOI, jio cinema, jio saavn, and many others. 

Price:- The cost of this plan is 849/- 

Gold plan

Plan Type:- This plan is a special plan.

Data:- This plan contains a total data of 500GB. Lockdown benefits 500GB. Introductory benefits and annual plan benefits make this data limit up to 1,750GB. The annual plan is available only for annual plan customers. 

Internet Speed:- The internet speed in this plan is 250 Mbps. 

Free Subscriptions:- This plan comes with the free subscriptions of OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, SONY LIV, Altbalaji, Jio cinema, Jio Saavn, and many others. 

Price:- The cost of this plan is 1,299/-

Diamond plan

Plan Type:- This plan is a unique plan 

Data:- You can enjoy unlimited Data Up to 4000GB. Plan benefits, Introductory benefits, Lockdown bonus, and annual plan benefits are included. Let me tell you that if you want to avail annual benefits, then you have to buy an annual plan of Jio fiber.  

Internet Speed:- 500 Mbps internet speed allotted to you through this plan. 

Free Subscription:- The subscription of many OTT platforms like Amazon prime, Disney+Hotstar, Jio Cinema, Jio Saavn, Altbalaji, this is a premium plan so you are allowed with special platform assessment features. 

Price:- 2,499/- is the price of this Jio Fiber plan. 

Platinum plan

Plant Type:- This is a Premium plan and Reliance Jio provides you special platform assessment. 

Data:- This plan comes with the benefit of unlimited Data Upto 7,500GB. Plan benefits, Introductory benefits, Lockdown bonus, and annual plan benefits are included. 

Note:- Annual benefits can occur only when you buy an annual plan of Jio fiber. 

Internet Speed:- The internet speed of this plan is 1Gbps. 

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Free Subscriptions:- This plan is a special plan. You got the free premium platform assessment with this plan. You got a Home gateway with a set-top box. This plan also consists of the subscription of many OTT platforms like Amazon prime, Disney+Hotstar, Sony Liv, Jio saavn, Jio cinema, HOICHOI, VOOT, SUNXTT, and many more. 

Price:- 3,999/- is the price of this plan.

Titanium plan

Plan type:- This play is the most expensive plan of Jio fiber. This plan is a super premium plan which contains the best services of jio fiber

Data:- This jio fiber plan consists of the highest Data which is up to 15,000GB. This plan consists of plan benefits of 5000GB, Double data lockdown benefit 5000GB, and annual benefits of 5000GB (Optional). The annual benefits can occur only when you buy an annual plan. 

Internet speed:- This plan works on the internet speed of 1Gbps. 

Data:- The data limit of this plan is Unlimited up to 15,000 GB. The data benefits are listed above at the point of Data. This plan also comes with unlimited free voice calling. 

Free subscription:- This is a premium plan so you get the premium platform assessment. The company also provides you the free subscriptions of many popular OTT platforms like Amazon prime, Disney+Hotstar, Jio Saavn, Jio Cinema, HOICHOI, Zee5, Sony LIV, and many others. 

Price:- The price to avail the Titanium plan of jio fiber you have to spend 8,499/- only. 


All the plans which are mentioned above are monthly plans. Price and data limits can be different from their quarterly and annual plans. Now, no more about the plan you can visit the official website of Jio and you can also use these plans of Jio Fiber on Myjio app. 

So, these are the plans for jio fiber. You can get these plans from the official website of Reliance Jio or you can also get all the plans of jio fiber in Myjio app. I am sure that now you understand clearly about the plans available in Jio fiber registration. Now, we’re going to discuss the most asked FAQs related to Jio fiber. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The most important FAQs (Frequently asked questions) about jio fiber registration are listed below. 

How can I meet with the Reliance Jio executives? 

Ans. Are you wanting to meet the jio executives in the matter for placement of Jio Fiber after submitting the form?. If yes, then don’t worry because the executive of Reliance jio calls you for your confirmation.  

If you want to clear some queries, then you can connect from the executive of Reliance jio with the help of this number 18008969999. This number is a customer service number who is always available for you every time. 

Do I have to pay any charges for the replacement of the Jio Fiber? 

Ans. If your Jio Fiber is not working properly and you want to replace it then you can call the executives of the company to fix this problem. There is no policy mentioned about charging replacement fees to its customers. So, in simple words, there is no replacement fee charged by the company to you for the replacement of jio fiber. When you call their customer care, they send an engineer to fix your problem. 

Is there any daily data limit quota for using Jio Fiber?

Ans. No, You can use unlimited data at any time up to your data limit. The data limit of the plan of all the plans of Jio Fiber is mentioned above. 

Is the company charging any security deposit from its customers?

Ans. Yes, the company charges 2,500/- from its customers to provide the service of Jio Fiber. You can pay this amount from many online money transferring platforms like jio money, Paytm, debit, and credit cards. Let me tell you this amount is a refundable amount. This amount is a security amount; the company refunds this amount when you unsubscribe the service. The company promises to reimburse the amount in 60 days from the date when you unsubscribe the facility of jio fiber.  

I am a postpaid customer can I use this service.

Ans. No, This service is only for prepaid customers. Postpaid customers can’t avail of this service. The company promises to avail of this service for postpaid customers soon. 


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