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vidmate apps download

In this era of mobiles and gadgets, the use of cassettes has entirely stopped. Nowadays, we have different apps and podcasts to listen to music as well as vidmate apps download. Even for our visual pleasure, we do not need to rely on any television channel for a show where we can watch the audiovisual of the song. We have applications in our smartphones and tablets to view such. But still, we face a problem. The apps that help us see audiovisual needs adequate internet connection always. However, it is not feasible to use the internet and stay connected all the time.

On the other hand, if you do not have a proper playlist, you cannot enjoy the audiovisuals. Thus, it would help if you had something that will solve your problem. VidMate apps download will solve this problem, and it is one such application that can be used to download and save videos.

There are many applications from where you can watch videos, like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Twitter. These are the most popular, user-friendly, and helpful applications. However, you cannot download videos from YouTube and save it in your device, nor can you download videos from Facebook or Twitter. You need a moderator to do so. When VidMate apps download is done, it helps you to download many videos from different popular applications. In a way, it is a video downloader app. Not only that, but you also can watch television series, movies and the latest music in this application.

Vidmate apps download details 

For Android devices:

VidMate apps downloading is very easy on Android devices. You can directly download it from the official website of VidMate, or else you can download it from any site that provides you with the option to download. Being an APK, it is not available in the Play Store. Following is the process to download VidMate in Android:

Step One: By the way now, Go to your browser and search for vidmate apk

Step two: As you find the correct site to download from, click download and wait for the apk to get downloaded.

 3rd Step: Open the apk file and grant permission in your settings to allow the installation process to happen from this source.

4th Step: As you provide the permission, click install and wait for some time so that the apk is installed.

Step 5: Go to the icon of the apk on your application list or home screen and open it. In doing so, you can enjoy watching and downloading videos from VidMate. 

For Windows:

To enjoy a big screen panoramic view, you can install VidMate on your PC too. The VidMate apps download on PC needs a software named bluestacks. All you need to do is install the VidMate APK in bluestacks. However, without bluestacks also you can install it on your PC. The process for both ways are as follows:

By using Bluestacks

Step one: Download the simulator Bluestacks by searching bluestacks for windows from your browser.

Step two: Again, go to the browser and download the VidMate apps download and keep it.

3rd Step: However, The downloads are completed, install the blue stacks app on your device.

Step four: After completing the installation of the bluestacks app, open the app, and look for three dots on the left-hand corner.

Step five: Click on the three-dots, and you will find a dialogue box opening. You will get an option, which shall ask you to select an APK. Select VidMate APK then.

Step six: You need to wait for a while. The APK you selected is installed automatically on bluestacks.

Step seven: Also, You get a signal that the app was installed as the icon of VidMate becomes visible on the Bluestacks window. Doing so, you can download in bulk and watch videos.

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By not using Bluestacks

After the VidMate apps download, it necessarily requires a simulator to get installed. If you do not prefer bluestacks or get errors or troubles using it, then the alternative way is to use the Nox player android emulator. Below is the process that you should follow to download and get started with Nox:

Step one: From the browser, you use, download the Nox player and install it on your device. If you received error messages from bluestacks and thus thought to use the alternative Nox player, then in first hand, you should uninstall bluestacks. If you are freshly installing Nox, then you need not worry about this.

Step two: If you are a new user, then complete the VidMate apps download process. As stated in the earlier step, if you had already downloaded the apk while using bluestacks, you use the same downloaded apk. 

Step three: Now open the Nox player app and select the VidMate apk and launch it. Give some time, and the device will automatically install the apk.

Step four: As the installation gets completed, the icon of VidMate will surface on the Nox player from which you can enjoy the huge range of videos VidMate has and download them as you wish.

Features of VidMate

Once the VidMate apps download is done in your Android device, you should be aware of the features that it provides you so that you can use the app accordingly. VidMate provides you with many important and user-friendly features that help you to use this app. Here are some of the features enlisted which you will enjoy the app and understand it while you use the app:

Bookmark videos:

This is a fantastic feature that you get after the VidMate apps download is done on your smartphone or PC. While watching or surfing videos, it may happen that you run out of your daily data balance. In that case, you can easily bookmark a video or more so that you do not lose attack of it and can download it later when your data pack is renewed. 

Download multiple files at the same time:

It is a regular practice of smartphone users to download many files at a time. Well, VidMate, too, allows you to do so. This is an important feature to be marked because if you are in a hurry and you think you will download the videos together so that you can watch them later, you can easily do that.

Download videos of any resolution:

VidMate apps download will enable you to download videos of your choice in any resolution you want. This very good user-friendly feature gives you the freedom to choose the resolution you want to download it in, as it saves your data balance and you choose according to your wish.

Downloadable big files:

In VidMate, you can download videos or files which are big in size. The file size limit is 30GB. This is one of the best things in the app as it helps you download big files that are not easily downloadable everywhere.

Huge collection:

One of the greatest advantages that you get out of VidMate apps download is the opportunity to avail of a large number of multimedia files, videos, and movies of different genres. Even you can get hold of your favorites TV shows. You will not miss any hot gossip relating to the film industry. Even you can listen to a huge collection of different music that VidMate has.

Converting file:

VidMate gives you the chance to convert video files to audio files, which are a very useful feature that this app is enabled with. We often face this problem of converting video files to audio files. VidMate apps download fixes this problem truly.

The process of Vidmate apps download for videos and audios from different apps:

After downloading the app and installing it properly, you need to know how to use the app so that you can avail of the features that it provides and enjoy watching and listening. Below is the process described that will help you to use the app:

  • Step 1: Open the VidMate apps download after installation, where you will find a search bar. Below that bar, you will find the icons of different applications that can be accessed through VidMate. Select any one of the applications which you want to browse.
  • Step 2: As you select the application, the desired app opens up, and you can search what you feel to listen to or watch. As you stop near the particular requested search result, you will find a download button on the lower corner.
  • Step 3: As you select the download option for the video you want to download, you will be asked about the format and quality in which you want to download. Two separate dialogue boxes will be presented to you. From there, you need to select the format MP3 or MP4 whichever you want. If you go for MP3 or M4A, you need to select whether 128k or 256k or any other suitable option available. In addition, if you select a video, then the quality, whether a 720P, 360P or any other. Then you have to press the download button.
  • Step 4: You will be notified that your video is downloading. As your video is downloaded, it will appear under the specific downloaded bar. From here, you can open it on VidMate or on any audio or video player; your device has and enjoy uninterrupted watching and listening.
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Pros and Cons


  1. Very free to use and a user-friendly app.
  2. Many multimedia sites and access to other applications.
  3. On the other hand, it has Multiple downloading modes.
  4. Also, have the Bookmark feature.


  1. Good internet speed is required.
  2. Also, Have to face many ads.

Final words 

Finally, VidMate is a very user-friendly application that gives you access to download and save music and videos on your device. You can even watch different movies from this app too. Though it is not available on Google play, it is a safe app free from viruses, has been downloaded, and is being used by many people around the globe. 


  • How to choose an SD card as storage to save downloaded videos?

As you open the VidMate apps download, you will find the downloaded button, under which there is a subunit called storage from where you can select the option of SD card as a storage location.

  • Is Facebook, Instagram accessible through VidMate?

Yes, you can access Facebook and Instagram through VidMate apps download and download the videos easily as you want.

  • How to share the downloaded videos from VidMate?

You can share the downloaded files from a built-in share option present in the downloaded section of the app, which enables you to share videos with WhatsApp, Facebook, and other places.

  • Can downloaded videos be deleted?

Yes, you can delete downloaded videos from the app very easily. All you need to do is go to the download section and then to the edit button from where you can select and delete or else delete everything downloaded in a go.

  • Is VidMate a safe app?

Yes, VidMate apps download is a safe app, and you will never have any problem regarding viruses or any security issues that claim to access your personal data. However, you need to check that you have downloaded the apk from the official website, as it is not available on the play store. 

  •  Are VidMate apps download available for iOS?

Yes, VidMate is available on the iOS platform too.

  • How to download and install the VidMate apk in iOS?

In iOS, you need to visit the nine apps store website from where you can download the VidMate apk. Once it is downloaded, you need to permit this apk for accessing media files, after which you can enjoy it.

  • Why are the VidMate apps download not installed?

This happens because VidMate is not an app available on the play store, and thus the security board of your device blocks it when you try to install it. Once you permit to allow this app to be installed from an unknown source, it is installed in a minute.

  • HD videos can downloaded by VidMate?

Yes, You can download HD videos using VidMate.

  • Is VidMate a free app?

Yes, VidMate apps download has been a free app always since the time it came into being.

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