5 Best Smart TV 2020: Suitable For Every Budget

best smart TV 2020

If you are interested in buying a TV in 2020, you are indeed searching for a smart TV that can provide you an internet-connected television with a range of online features. This guide will give you specific information about the best smart TV 2020, which can aftereffect your decision.

Smart TVs allow you to use the apps, web browsing, and streaming on your TV. Some high-end smart TVs support voice controls as well as control over smart bulbs. You can find lots of features from different kinds of TVs. The important thing is to choose the critical component you want significantly. 

We are here to provide you technical and text-based information, giving you confidence about what to choose or what to not. Thus you can easily find an excellent smart TV for yourselves. 

Best Smart TV 2020: Which Are The Top TV?

Though 2020 is a tragedic year, many new TVs waiting to release have been released in late. But here I have prepared a list of the best smart TV 2020 after extensive research, which may make you satisfied.

  1. LG CX OLED-Best TV Overall

The LG CX OLED is an excellent TV we have tested so far. It has a fantastic picture quality with built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support. Due to individual pixels turn off the power, it can perform excellently in the darkroom.

It has HDR and HLG support with impressive viewing angles. Its variable refresh rate support can impress any gamer easily. The newly added IQ designation feature is trendy among the people. It can adjust the picture according to the light conditions in the room. 

One of the remarkable features of it is differentiating on-screen objects like faces and graphics. This process lets you enjoy the details. You can also set a software based on what kind of program you are watching. 

All in all, LG CX is the best 4K smart TV with all-around features. If you want the most stylish TV in your drawing room, LG CX will be the best smart TV 2020 for you. But due to the high budget, it is decreasing its popularity among the mid and low rang buyers. 

  • Pros :
  • Outstanding picture quality.
  • Super Slim Design.
  • Top-notch audio quality.
  • Fantastic Smart TV feature.

  • Cons :
  • High price


Samsung Q80T QLED TV-Best TV For Gaming

Generally, gamers fell highly comfort by using the Q80T of Samsung for its responsive gameplay. We know that processor must need to be vital for a gaming TV. It’s powerful Quantum Processor transforms everything into 4K, which is excellent comfort for a gamer.

The Koreans have changed the model of Q80T in 2020 from the recent previous model Q80R. So it is more similar to Q70R rather than Q80R. The reason behind doing this kind of activity is to emphasize the counsel of mid rang buyers.

Samsung Q80T is the cheapest Samsung TV in 2020, an excellent smart TV for most content. It is prevalent for delivering crisp images with the first response. The Ultra Viewing Angle Layer has made it suitable for large rooms. 

The excellent color accuracy with a great native contrast ratio, such a middle budget, has made it famous. So, it can be the best smart TV 2020 for a mid rang buyer.

  • Pros :
  • 4K Quantum image.
  • Shallow image leg.
  • Great OTS sound.
  • Quantum Processor.
  • Cons :
  • Not the best QLED quality. 

Sony A8H OLED-Best Sony TV

Sony is famous for striking an ideal balance between price and quality. Also, the Sony A8H has brought the premium OLED features of Sony to a lower price point. It reduces the ultimate cost that has made it more acceptable worldwide.

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In 2020, the buyers of smart TV are naturally fond of OLED instead of LED. The primary difference between OLED from LED is, OLED works by lighting the pixels. With OLED, you can enjoy pixels emitting colors and light. The impressive contrast feature is another quality of OLED. 

There might be some difference between the Sony A8H OLED and LG CX OLED, but if you consider the matter of price, you may choose Sony A8H for its reasonable price. Though LG CX OLED is the best smart TV 2020, Sony A8H OLED is best for delivering all-around OLED features such an adjustable-price in 2020.

Though the VRR rate of A8H is not up to date for the gamers, this will not disappoint its target audience. The audio system is good enough to impress listeners.

So, you can easily choose Sony A8H OLED as your desire smart TV. 

  • Pros :
  • Impressive sound quality.
  • Exclusive ultra-wide viewing angle.
  • Bold and monolithic design.
  • Gorgeous picture quality.
  • Built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

  • Cons :
  • Gaming features are limited.
  • Not bright enough for the spare rooms.

TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635)-Best Budget TV

TCL 6-Series Roku is popular because it has one of the best market values for several years. People generally want products in their budget with premium features. Roku is meeting up this thirst of people for several years with their best account. 

TCL 6-series is a mid-range set with many premium features. You can enjoy an improved display with mini LED backlighting. The 6-series is more colorful and brighter than before. The best video processor and voice search microphone option have made it extraordinary. 

In 2020, it is not easy to find a smart TV with all these premium features at an affordable price. But by updating 6-Series Roku, TCL has grave the market of mid-range buyers. Along with high-quality performance, it is getting popularity day by day. 

All around the world, people love its colossal app selection option and easy interface. All these features at a reasonable price have made it the best smart TV 2020 for all.

  • Pros :
  • Excellent contrast ratio.
  • Great peak brightness.
  • Easy interface.
  • Excellent gaming performance.
  • HDR color.

  • Cons :
  • Poor sound quality.
  • The latest apps are missing.

Samsung Q90T QLED-Best 4K TV

As 2020 is the year of 4K smart TVs, you have the right to know about the best 4K smart TV of 2020. 4K means a TV with 4K resolution, which holds four times more pixels than Full HD TVs. So, you can feel a next-level experience with 4K.

So far, I notice, Samsung Q90T is the best 4K TV after LG CX in 2020. As LG CX is holding a high price, people are now falling for Samsung Q90T for a fantastic 4K experience.

Samsung Q90T is ready to provide QLED service, which is the next level of LCD. QLED means quantum dot LED, and like LCD, it is transmissive. If you want to get a different OLED experience, you can choose Samsung Q90T QLED as your smart TV.

All appreciate the elegant and straightforward design of Q90T. The performance is equal in both dark and bright rooms. Its super motion handling power can amaze any gamer. Low input leg and FreeSyn support also give a pleasant experience to gamers.

It is a TV that can satisfy you the most. Full HDR content with a vibrate color combination feels like you are enjoying a 3D Cinema.

So, if you want to get a fantastic experience with your TV, Samsung Q90T is waiting for you. 

  • Pros :
  • Super bright, dynamic mode.
  • Notable motion handling feature.
  • The input lag is very low.

  • Cons :
  • Bixby is not so up to date.


Facts You Should Know Before Choosing a Smart TV

  • LED, OLED, or QLED? 

Leaving the LCD and LED TVs, general people are now fond of OLED and QLED TV. Especially in 2020, if anyone desires to buy a smart TV, he would choose OLED or QLED.

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OLED and LED’s primary difference is that OLED works with pixels, which can’t be thought in the years of LCD/LED. In OLED, every pixel emits its light; that’s why OLED TV’s have a deep black screen with extraordinary color contrast. OLED is best for smart TV if anyone can afford it.

As OLED is beyond the low and middle-class people’s capability, LED is still top in their priority list. To down the popularity of LED, OLED must come down at an affordable price. 

QLED is considered as a middle ground of LED and OLED. The quantum-dot filter with LED backlight differs from the LED. Thus it can offer better brightness and colors than LED and most of the OLED TVs. But if you talk about the contrast level, there OLED is best. 

QLED is mostly prevalent in India, where OLED is popular in Europe. Mostly Samsung has graved the QLED TV market in India. Therefore, Oneplus, Vu, and TCL also market QLED TVs in India.


  • Resolution

The resolution revolution is a continuous process. Moving from HD, we are now enjoying 4K, even 8K resolution pictures. So, it is a significant decision to choose the right resolution TV for your room. 

The demand for 4K resolution is increasing all around the world. But in Asia, most of the countries feel comfortable using HD resolution in their drawing-room. Europeans are moving to 4K and even to 8K resolution as they are always up to date.

But it can be assumed that 4K can easily graze Asia’s market as Samsung has started producing 4K smart TVs. 

As this is the age of smart TVs, you should emphasize the picture quality and resolution before buying your TV. 

  • Size

People generally choose the size of their TV depending on the space they decided to place it. It is not mandatory because flat TVs of this age take a tiny place that is less than two feet.

Experts say that the right TV size depends on your room condition, size, number of people watching at a time, and of course, on your affordability.

So, depending on these criteria, you can easily choose the best smart TV 2020 for you.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What should I check before buying a smart TV?

Ans: Before buying a smart TV, at first you should fix your budget. According to your account, you have to search for your desire smart TV. You have to decide on your TV size according to your room size. 

I have mentioned before, OLED is the best for this age. You can also go for LED if you can’t afford OLED. HD and 4K resolution both are available in the medium range. You can settle on one of them according to your choice. At last, check the audio quality and VRR support if you are a gamer. 

  • What TV should I buy in 2020?

Ans: There are a lot of profitable brands for smart TV in 2020. Among them, you can search in LG, Sony, Samsung, Vizio, Hisense for you desire smart TV. 

  • Do I need any additional implements for my smart TV?

Ans: Not really! It would be best if you had a high-speed wifi connection to enjoy your smart TV. All the additional implements you need to run it, you may find them in your TV box. 

The verdict of best smart TV 2020

Everything is getting smart day by day. To cope with this age of technology, you must know what is going on in the earth. By the cycle of time, there happened a massive revolution on TV.

Brands like LG, Sony, Samsung are providing their services in technology for a long time ago. General people have faith in them. That’s why they are still the top brands in the smart TV sector. However, they are maintaining their quality very carefully.

Comparatively, the new brands like TCL, Vizio, and Hisense are also providing excellent service in the sector of smart TV.

A buyer generally gets confused before buying a smart TV among these brands. So, a proper guideline is provided here to get a clear idea about the market situation. If you think of buying a TV this year, It may help you choose the best smart TV 2020 for you. 






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