How to reset android via fast boot mode

android fastboot reset tool

Resetting an android is an easy task to make your phone look new again. All android phones come with a factory data reset option on their storage android fastboot reset tool setting to erase all the internal memory. All the memories get stored in the form of small data files inside our android phone. These data are accessible only if the phone is on.

But, By any means, if you are not able to access these option, then the only way to reset your phone is by using an android Fastboot reset tool. This tool allows you to control the choice of your Android phone in the Fastboot mode. You need to have a PC or Laptop for using these tools with your phone. Most commonly, people need an android Fastboot reset tool when they forget their screen lock and formatting a phone whose screen is not working.

Why do we need an android Fastboot reset tool?

Instead of resetting the phone, these are useful in doing various other stuff like removing FRP lock, bypassing MI account, unlocking the bootloader, bypass pattern/pin lock. All these tools are independent of the processor and work better on MediaTek & Qualcomm like devices. If you want to add some unique features on your android, then you can add a lot more components on your android phone.

It makes your phone look so different from others and capable of doing those things that are not possible for standard phones. They are also useful in remove pattern/ pin lock, bypass cloud verification, unlock FRP locks, entering EDL, download MD, DL or boot-loader, and a dozen more work.

Features of Android Fastboot reset tool:-

There are many types of Fastboot reset tools available, but all the tools show some standard features of managing your android in the following ways:-

  • Check device:- The android Fastboot reset tool has an option to check the machine. It is usually present as the first option of any reset tool. It will display the serial number and EMI number of your android.
  • Remove pattern:- After connecting to the fast boot mode, you can click on this option to remove the design from your android. Making this pattern can format all your data from inside your phone. So note to store all your data in your Google Drive and take a backup before resetting it.
  • Unlock bootloader:-

It allows you to root the phone and also install the custom OS on your phone. You can manage to access your android with your way after unlocking this feature. Android Fastboot reset tool allows you to do it with elementary steps. If you have your bootloader unlocked you don’t have to worry about your screen lock and mobile data. You can get back the same data back even if after formatting the phone.

  • Open command prompt:- It is an important option available inside every android Fastboot reset tool that allows you to control your android phone in the form of some command on your PC. It is the most useful feature available in an android Fastboot reset tool for broken phones.
  • Enter EDL mode:- It allows for patching all the drivers essential for running files and used for installing the Fastboot.exe file on your PC as per your device. You can reboot your device on this mode and flash custom ROM on your phone with few simple steps. It is the link for sending commands to your phone.
  • Remove FRP lock:-

Factory Reset Protection is new security available on Android phones of popular brands like Samsung, Moto, etc. for accessing all the files formatting your phone. You need to enter Gmail account details to get the file back. But, in any way, if you forget to have all these details, then you can use Remove FRP lock present on the android Fastboot reset tool to bypass it.

  • Bypass cloud verification:- Brand like MI, Samsung, moto, etc. have a cloud verification process. Every user needs to pass through the same approach to unlock the bootloader on their phone. But, android Fastboot reset tool allows even to bypass those cloud verification process and unlock your device without any strict verification. You just need to enter the key present in the tool, and it does all the things automatically. You don’t need to type complex commands to make it work. All articles go with a few mouse clicks and enter button.
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How to install android Fastboot reset tool on PC?

Follow the below steps to download android Fastboot reset tool on your PC:-

  1. Go to Google and search for the Android Fastboot reset tool. You will find a list if website.
  2. Download it from the website that have uploaded the latest version of the tool.
  3. It will get downloaded in a zip file. So, be sure that you must have a zip extractor app available on your PC.
  4. If you’re using Windows 8 or above, then it is present by default in your PC.
  5. Right-click on the zip files and click on the extract button.
  6. All the folders available inside will show you on a screen. Now go and search for the Exe file.
  7. Install the Fastboot.exe file on your PC the same as you do for installing other applications.
  8. That’s all, and your app is now ready to use with your phone.

How to use an android Fastboot tool on PC?

Follow the steps to know the full process of using Fastboot tool on PC:-

  1. You have to download the USB driver on your PC that is compatible with your android phone.
  2. You can use any installer software to download all your required drivers for running your Fastboot tool.
  3. After extracting the entire Android Fastboot.exe file, you will get a command prompt command list to carry out your operations inside the phone.
  4. Now connect your smartphone with PC with the help of any USB or Data transfer cable.
  5. After downloading the USB drivers, open the command prompt for running a list of operations with your smartphone.
  6. Long press the volume down and power key of your phone at the same time to get back to the fast boot mode.

  7. Now type the command on the command prompt for operating your phone. Note that you must good knowledge of applying controls.
  8. For checking the connection, type 1 and hit the enter button. If it’s showing a response, then it means that your device is now connected and ready to accept the command even in fast boot mode.
  9. Any false command may defect the software of your phone, and you may lose all your data, including the software.
  10. After completing all the operations, you can disconnect the USB cable to end the process.

Sometimes your device doesn’t reboot after it gets disconnected. At those times press the power key to reboot your phone and check if you have unlocked your phone or not.

How to reset android via Fastboot mode:-

You can use Fastboot mode to reset your phone if your screen is not turning on even after trying all the methods. If you have forgotten your screen lock, you can also go for resetting your phone from the android Fastboot reset tool. Resetting the phone will erase all your data so, you must take a backup before doing that. Now, Just follow the steps to do it:-

  1. Hold your phone on your hand and press the volume down and power key at the same time for a few seconds.
  2. It will take you to the fast boot mode where you will have no controls on your phone. You will get a logo or any picture on your screen with a big text Fastboot displaying on the net.
  3. Usually, the screen vibrates before going to fast boot mode. Once you reach the Fastboot method, don’t click on any other key; otherwise, it will reboot or turn off your device again.
  4. On the screen, if you have your bootloader unlocked, you can access up and down keys using your volume up and down button.
  5. Similarly, you can use the power key for clicking any option.
  6. Now you will get a lot of options for accessing your phone directly from your volume up, down, and power key.
  7. Press the volume buttons for going to the factory reset option and click on factory data reset to reset your phone.

The above method works if you have your bootloader unlocked on your phone. But, if your bootloader not opened, you have to do the whole process via your PC. No phone comes by the unlocked bootloader. Just follow the below options to reset you’re without bootloader:-

  • This time you will need an android Fastboot reset tool to reset your phone. Note to follow the above steps of installing android Fastboot tools on your PC.
  • Connect your phone and type the key available on the android Fastboot tool to unlock the bootloader.
  • Every Fastboot tools come with various shortcut keys from where you can run all the commands with just one click.
  • After unlocking the bootloader, you can follow the same process above for resetting your phones. Alternatively, you can also do via command prompt by running the following commands:-
  • Launch Fastboot and open the minimal ADB on your PC. on the Command prompt type ADB devices [press enter]

  • You will be able to see the name of a device with some XXXX marks showing the device detected.
  • Now Type ADB shell [press enter] then Type recovery -wipe_data [press enter], after pressing enter, your phone will restart to follow the restoration process.
  • You can also reach directly to the custom recovery of your phone by typing ADB reboot recovery and pressing the enter key.
  • After clicking on the factory reset all your, data will get erased in a few seconds, and your phone will restart automatically.
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With the final words, we conclude that here we discussed the how to reset android via fastboot mode and along with it also added some details which will help you in getting some extra knowledge about the android fastboot reset tool. 


  • What is the android Fastboot reset tool?

Android Fastboot Reset Tool is software for PC that can operate multiple functions of formatting, wiping, unlocking an android phone. It is useful for any variety of Android processes using MediaTek and Qualcomm. It allows you to get inside an Android phone even in Fastboot mode and take complete action of customizing the software set with the help of a PC. 

  • From where can I download the android Fastboot reset tool?

There are no official download links for this tool. Android developers upload it on the internet in various formats on their website. For downloading the tool search on google android Fastboot reset tool download and you can get multiple website listing from where you can download it on your PC. This software shows error while downloading from Google chrome. So, if it shows some error, then go for trying the same download link on the Firefox browser.

  • What functions an android Fastboot reset tool can perform?

The tool comes with multiple functions of unlocking the device, screen patterns, bypass cloud verification, etc. You can also check the name of any device and take full control over it. Most commonly, this tool is useful for unlocking screen patterns and installing software inside an Android phone. It is the most helpful tool for rooting any device and unlocking bootloader.

  • What are the versions available of fast boot tools?

Earlier this tool was coming in lower versions of 1.2. But the software has been more upgraded and now a newer version of 2.0 quite popular. The 2.0 version runs well on Windows 8.1 and 10 operating systems. The old version is very much compatible with XP and Windows 7 version.

  • What are the benefits of bootloader unlocking using the android Fastboot reset tool?

After unlocking the bootloader option, you are free to install TWRP recovery. This tool allows you to flash any types of system files and open most of the feature that is not available on your typical smartphone. You can turn your smartphone in an experimenting tool by installing custom ROM of your choice. You can also access using multiple functions on your phone using the same button by setting double and triple clicks options.

  • Which version of the Fastboot reset tool allows us to bypass FRP?

You can bypass FRP on all versions of Fastboot reset tools. The latest version only provides the categories to unlock phones by brand names. But, FRP unlocks option is also available in version 1.2. 

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