Is Luca on Netflix

Is Luca on Netflix

Since the release of Luca’s trailer, there was an excitement brewing among Pixar movie fans. The 2.26 minutes trailer captured the heart and imagination of millions of audiences. This amazing animated movie was released on June 2021. Since then, Netflix subscribers have been curious to know, is Luca on Netflix?

They have been waiting to watch the movie on Netflix. If you are one of them, this article is for you. In this article, I will discuss everything in detail: where you can watch the movie and how much it will cost.

Actually, Luca is not available on Netflix or other streaming platforms yet. You can watch the movie exclusively on Disney+. You can buy or rent the Blu-ray or DBD of Luca through Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

Is Luca on Netflix?

No, Luca is not available on Netflix yet and there’s no release date for Luka until now. Probably, Netflix will not add this Pixar animated film to its catalog. You can watch it on Disney+ or purchase it from other platforms like Amazon, iTunes or Google play.

Is Luca on Netflix

Blu-Rays and DVDs of Luca are also available. If you want to experience the best picture quality, you can get the movie on Blu-ray. Blu-Ray’s picture quality is better than DVD.

Where to watch Luca on streaming?


You can watch Luca exclusively on Disney+ if you are a Disney+ subscriber. If you didn’t subscribe yet, you can get it in for $7.99/month or $79.99/year and enjoy unlimited entertainment. Latest TV shows, movies, Pixar shorts and Disney+ Original series are also there.

You can also watch the movie on your phone or tablet with the Disney+ app. It doesn’t even require Disney+ premier access. You can enjoy the film with your current subscription.

Where to Buy Luca Movie?

Luca is exclusively streaming on Disney+. But you can buy or rent the movie you can do so through these platforms:

  • Amazon

The Blu-rays and DVDs of Luca are available on Amazon. You can buy them or can rent them through Amazon video. It will cost $25.07 for Blu-ray and $19.99 for DVD.

  • iTunes

You can also buy the movie on iTunes at $19.99.

  • Google Play

Luca is also available to buy on Google Play. You need to spend $19.99 on that.

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You can purchase the movie if you are a crazy Pixar fan like me. I watched the movie once with my family, once with my friends and three times alone. That’s the advantage of purchasing a movie; you can watch it anytime, anywhere.

However, you can also rent the movie at a low cost. You will have access to the movie for a limited time. After that, you will no longer have access to the movie. It is also a good option.


Oscar-nominated director Enrico Casarosa directed Luka. The Italian culture and environment inspirited the film.

As usual with other Disney Pixar, this film looks awesome; it sounds awesome. Especially, the voice work is top-notch. Must say, Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Emma Berman and the other voice cast have done a brilliant job. The film also got a nomination for Best Animated Feature at the 94th Academy awards.

This amazing amination is set in a seaside town Portorosso in Italy. The original animated feature experience an unforgettable life-changing summer. Luca shares this adventure with his newly found best friend Alberto and Giulia. But all the enjoyment is interrupted by the secret.  Both Luca and Alberto are sea creatures only on the water’s surface.

Is Luca on Netflix

But they were able to disguise themselves as humans on the land surface. Alberto showed Luca that living like humans is fun. Their simplicity and clarity of the smallness of Luca’s world when they match the film’s story of friendship and exploration as a means of coming of age. This really comes through in the film in detail, giving a charming logo and lived-in feel both on the sea and land.

The film ends with an emotional scene where Luca and Giulia go to Genoa and Alberto to study and Alberto stays in Portorosso. But they promise to stay in touch.

The combination of visuals, story and characters of the film is praise-worthy.

Themes and Inspirations

Luca is inspired by Casarosa (the director of the film) and his friend Alberto Surace’s childhood in Genoa. Alberto helped him to come out of his comfort zone and explore the world. Casarosa dedicated this film to Alberto.

It’s really inspiring for the young generation. In today’s generation, there’s a tendency to show off; they take the help of pretense to prove their perfection.

This film teaches of not to hide who we really are and not to hesitate to show our real version. There’s a message for teens and pre-teens to learn to accept themselves. It takes the approach that maybe everyone is not going to like that. But it’s totally fine. You can’t be yourself if you always try to impress everyone.

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The movie starts with the celebration of friendship. The friendship of Luca and Alberto was heartwarming.

Another positive side of the movie is the villain was a good foil to Luca. He externalized Luca’s many insecurities and made him face those difficulties to overcome those.

People’s thoughts about the film

Like other great Pixar films, this film is not a technical masterpiece or storytelling marvel. But its simplicity and natural presentation were enough to touch the audience’s heart.

The story was down-to-earth and charming, delivering a nice vibe and message throughout the film. People loved the visuals and nostalgic feel of the movie.

Its low-stakes simple storyline and setting were amazing. The audience could relate to the warm and careless vibes of childhood summer. It was able to capture the heart and imagination of the audience.

Well, some critics say that this film was not of Pixar’s standard. Usually, Pixar movies are all about great stories, adventure, deep emotional experiences and are child-friendly. Compared to other great movies of Pixar like Brave, Onward, Ratatouille or The Good Dinosaur, they didn’t like Luca that much.


Where is Luca available to watch?

You can watch Luca exclusively on the Disney+ streaming platform. If you are a Disney+ subscriber, you can enjoy other new and classic movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and more.

How much is a Disney+ subscription?

You can enjoy unlimited TV shows and favorite movies with Disney+ subscription. It costs $7.99/month and $79.99/year. There’s also Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ bundle at $13.99 a month. You can also check the ad-free version of Hulu at $19.99 a month.

When is Luca coming out on Netflix?

Luca is a Disney Original Pixar film. No wonder surely Netflix is not going to add Luca. This streaming service has its own animated offerings.

When will Luca 2 be released?

The release date of Luca 2 is not confirmed. Though the producer of Luca, Andrea Warren and the casts of the film indirectly hinted that there would be a sequel to Luca; but they have not confirmed the film’s release date. According to sources, this animated Disney Pixar film will be released somewhere around summer 2024. The cast of the first film will take the story further.

Final Thoughts

Luca is one of the simplest movies Pixar has ever made. I think this simplicity and natural way of story presentation made it the most-viewed streaming movie of 2021.

Like other Pixar movies, Luca is not a technical masterpiece or emotional blast but a down-to-earth story with an amazing setting and nostalgic feel. Through the film, people could relate to the warm and careless vibes of childhood. As it’s a Disney+ Pixar film, it exclusively streams on Disney+. This Disney animated film is not available on other streaming platforms like Netflix, Funimation or Amazon Prime Video

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