Pubg Mobile Obb File Download: APK And OBB Download

Pubg Mobile obb File Download

Do you want Pubg Mobile obb File Download? Pubg Mobile download pubg mobile free for pc pubg game is the best online shooting games.

The most fantastic new things in the game are Evo Ground mode and Mission Ignition. You can find it now, but only until Sept. 6!

DynaHex, a technology and energy company, has made many changes to the Erangel map.

To be used as an experimental setting.

In particular they have changed over 200 acres of terrain from lush forest with lakes into barren desert-like areas devoid of life or water sources.

These transformation done using their mapping technologies that use satellite data. This can detect tiny details, like surface materials and soil moisture levels.

Technology has helped them find out where the best places are for farming and natural gas extraction.

The company is huge and made a lot of money. The Tencent company invested 470 million dollars into the company.

New Game Mode: Pubg Mobile obb File Download

Evolution Ground introduces a new game mode added to PUBG Mobile. The game mode, however, does not have a map. The way will be temporary and it will only be available for 2 months.

It can access from the main screen of the game by tapping on the Over grown button. The game mode is a team battle mode which will allow you to play in groups of four players.

To participate in the Evo Ground Mode, you need to purchase Gold Tickets from the store. Only one ticket can buy per day for 25 golds each.

The gameplay also differs significantly from other modes. Because it is a team battle mode with four players only.

The map is empty and there are no buildings, vehicles, or even weapons to use. Each team starts from a random location on the map. And they need to search for weapons that can found scattered around the area.

Each player will have an equipped weapon when the game begins. The objective of the game is to eliminate other teams and be the last team standing.


The key difference from other modes is that there are no crates in Evo Ground Mode. It means you do not get any weapons when landing at a random location on the map. All guns can only found by scavenging for them.

The gameplay is much more of a realistic war type setting rather than the usual PUBG Mobile shooting game. You seek to eliminate all other players and be the last man standing.

Their team members can revive each other if they get shot or taken by surprise by another player. But only for a limited number of times. The distance at which you can revive another player is also limited to a shorter range.

If all of your team members are eliminated, then the match will be over and you will have to wait until 4 other players join another team battle game before you can play again.

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Evolution Ground Mode Tips: Pubg Mobile obb File Download

The first thing needs to mention is that you can play Evo Ground mode with friends and random players.

This means that if you have a team of four friends, when playing with others in any other game modes, you can still enter this new mode together and play as one team.

Another thing to note is that we are talking about a battle royale game here. There will be many people playing the game, so you need to act fast.

The best way to do this is when landing at a new location, you must move forward as soon as possible even if it means walking into danger.

The amount of resources may seem scarce in games like PUBG, but it is still essential to be the first one to find weapons in this game mode.

If you are lucky enough to land near a weapon, then make sure you grab it as fast as possible and look for other players around you.

It will be easier if your team’s landing spot is close together. You will be able to assist each other much better.

If you are the only one in your team that finds a weapon or is just unlucky to land close together with your teammates, then be smart and look for cover before moving forward.


This will give you time to observe the locations of all opposing players and make plans on how you should attack them or defend yourself.

If you move quickly enough, you are likely able to find a weapon with just one shot and there might not be many people who have found weapons yet.

This also means that they will probably be looking for weapons, so don’t stay in one place for too long. The longer you stay in one area, the higher the chance that someone will kill you.

There are two possible ways to obtain weapons. The first is by landing near a gun and finding it as soon as you land on the ground or searching for them after eliminating opposing players.

The second way involves being lucky enough to get a care package once the game starts.

If you wish to get weapons from care packages, make sure you are the last one alive in your team before opening it up. This will give you time to search for other players who may be nearby and hopefully eliminate them when they come close enough.

Evo Ground Mode Tips:   If possible, use some sort.

What is OBB File in PUBG

The OBB file in the PUBG game makes a computer file created by Tencent Games company. It means Optimized Bitmap Image in simple words. PUBG uses OBB files to store all its data like maps, game-related information, player profile, etc

In short, the main idea of this article is to let you know that if you wish to edit something in the game, in other words you need to change its data files then the OBB file is your primary target. There are two OBB files in the PUBG game but they have the same significance and uses.

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One of them named “obb” and the other one called “assets0.dat”. The first one is the main file and the other is an integral part of it. That’s why in this article I will mainly focus on the “obb” file but sometimes you may see me talking about the “assets0.dat” file too.

So let’s start talking about the most exciting part of this topic: the PUBG OBB file.

Bluestacks is an android emulator that helps people use their phone on a computer. It does this by using the concept of Digital Dualism.

With this fantastic tool it becomes easier to run all your favorite android applications on your Windows system without changing your Android device.

How to Download OBB File: Pubg Mobile obb File Download

If you want to download an OBB file for your PUBG game on PC, I highly recommend you use this tool because it is the best OBB manager out there. It gives you good flexibility and all in one features requires by an excellent manager application.

This tool allows downloading every type of android files like apk, obb ect.. which is impossible in other devices. You can also use this software to add unlimited files to your folder without any issues.

Along with these fantastic features, it allows you to download all the files as much as you wish or need.

How to Install OBB File on Android Phone

If you are a beginner and confused about how to install an OBB file on your Android phone, I recommend you follow these steps to successfully install the OBB files.

1- First of all, go to Settings> Security > Unknown Sources option and turn it On. If this is already turned On then skip this step.

Now onwards any third party application can install easily without manually changing the settings.

2- If you want to install an OBB file on your PUBG mobile game without root, open your emulator and go to the folder where you have downloaded the OBB file.

Extract it through the help of any extracting tool or directly from that application. After extracting it, open it through this tool which will pop up your OBB file.

3- If you want to install this game on your android phone, open the application related to that game and click on it.

After clicking on, an option will appear to select the OBB file by browsing into that folder where you have extracted the OBB file through some extracting tool.

After clicking on the OBB file, it will automatically install this application on your android phone.

How to Install OBB File in Bluestacks

Nowadays Bluestacks is one of the most popular android emulators or tools. It used by millions of people all around the globe.

You can easily play any mobile game on your Windows PC. But you need to make sure that the game is supported by this tool. For example, if your game cannot be played on Bluestacks, there is no point playing it on your computer.

You should be clear about the issues of compatibility before installing any application in Bluestacks.

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