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Shadow is an interesting feature in games. It adds up humane effects to the characters of the game. But when the shadow itself becomes the characters of a game it is really fascinating. Seems exciting right? Well, Shadow Fight 2 mod APK is an action game where characters are modeled in silhouette, and you need to fight with swords and weapons.

It has an amazing animation with many modes to switch and play, and most importantly the RPG elements which enable you to change and upgrade the armor, weapons, and styles of fighting that you use while playing the game. Shadow fight 2 mod APK is launched by NEKKI. The storyline of this game is quite addictive as the protagonist in whose role you will play has turned into a shadow and needs to fight his enemies with martial power and weapons.


Everyone loves fighting games. Not only does it provide you with a thrilling experience but also refreshes your mood. Fighting is a kind of purgatorial activity that cools you down. In a market of thousands of games, there is always a dichotomy in our choice of games. Features are always our priority to shortlist games or any other accessories. Here are some of the most important features of Shadow fight 2 mod APK which will help you in guiding your choice of this game.


One of the most important parts of a game is its gameplay. It is always the story that leaves an impact on our minds about how the game is. It is again the storyline that actually arrests our attention and makes us engage with the game. Shadow fight 2 to has one such. It is a story of an unconquerable fighter who is in search of a fighter who may defeat him. And in search of such a person, he roams around here and there.

While doing so he meets some demons near the Gate of Shadow, where they take over his body and turn him into a shadow by holding on his soul and flesh. But the zest doesn’t die in him and now he goes on searching again but demons instead of humans this time to defeat them.


There are 6 interesting levels in Shadow fight 2 mod APK. There is the main challenge in each step along with some sub-challenges that spice up your gaming spirit. The main challenge asks you as the player to defeat a demon which is the primary and important mission. But in order to defeat the demon, you also need to defeat his bodyguards which may be called the sub levels. You will have no problem in buying weapons or armor because as you win a level you will get enough money.

Though there is a proposition to lose money as you lose a level but the amount is very less. The level of difficulty increases as you proceed in the game. There are many unlocking armors too which you can access as you advance. But while playing the levels you also need to remember that you will incur damage when in your armor when you fight, which is quite usual and real.

It can be asserted that you may remember some Chinese films where it is a common mission that the fighter is searching for a worthy opponent for a worthy battle. Shadow fight 2 mod APK game is quite exciting and violent at times as you advance in the levels.

Graphics and Silhouette

Though it may seem to you that Shadow fight 2 mod APK game’s graphics is not the best HD graphics for Android, the background that it has and the sound setup it provides will surely attract you, especially the Silhouette.

Rather than having colorful glossy costumes and character portraits Shadow fight 2 mod APK promotes silhouette characters with simple yet elegant backdrops. The battleground backdrop changes with the change in fight and place. And this portrayal makes Shadow fight 2 more realistic.

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Even the exclamatory sounds emitted while the fight is going, the sound of the swords slashing, the kicking’s, the punches, adds up much excitement in the game. The punching and kicking can be controlled from the directional stick at the left hand.

Upgrade able Accessories

The Shadow fight 2 mod APK gives you the opportunity to upgrade the accessories you have and use them. This is a notable feature because it is tiresome for our eyes to look at the same accessories for a long time. By upgrading the change that comes assures the player that there are more new things to come.

This up-gradation can be done with the gold that you earn while you fight and win. Even to upgrade the fighter Shadow fight 2 mod APK provides you with more than a hundred weapons. The specialty of the weapons is that it changes the style of fighting as you use it. If you use two daggers instead of a sword, it will make your fight faster. This alteration boosts both your vision and mission.

To buy a weapon, you have to visit the game shop, and then from your earnings, you can pick up any. When you possess a weapon, you can just upgrade it from the gold you have for enabling more power to the weapon. Even the same thing happens with the armor and the helmets. They too can be upgraded in the same way. Each and every fight that you shall undergo will make you more experienced. And your character also levels up.

Huge Content

There are many things to do in Shadow fight 2 mod APK. This is a very attractive feature that draws many players to this game. The six levels are six very different worlds, which has a boss who needs to be beaten up in order to move forward to the next stage. Beyond this, there are several survival challenges, tournament duels that will test your compatibility in the game and ensure your long stay.

The important thing that you must remember is that a duel gives you the most amount of gold as you win but you can fight a duel only once in four hours. To survive long you must go on upgrading your accessories. In order to enjoy the game properly you need to remember the following must to do’s:

By using proper controls, devastate the enemies fully so that you gain more.
Customize your fighter with swords, magical powers, armor, suits, and much more.
Enter into battle and fight as and when required.
Should always secure and defend the base of yours and go on attacking with the three modes that have been provided by Shadow fight 2 mod APK, Campaign, Survival, and PVP

Sound and music

The sound quality of Shadow fight 2 mod APK is a praiseworthy one. The music starts from the time you begin to fight. Music always heals us and has a soothing effect. While gaming music acts like an add on which enhances your mood and setting. The best part of the music is what is played at the beginning and end of the fight. At times there is scary music too as it is understood from the game that it includes a lot of violence.

Nutshell details of the game

Developed and offered by: NEKKI
The version of the game: 1.9.33
Genre: Action
Gaming language: English
Availability: Android


Overslop: 9/10
Silhouette and Graphics: 8/10
Music and sound: 7.5/10
Storyline and gameplay: 8/10
Special controls: 7/10
Frightening factors: 7/10

The Goods of Shadow fight 2 mod APK

Shadow fight 2 mod APK is not only the best but also a lightweight fighting game. The storyline is one of the biggest good things in this game. The storyline along with the gameplay attracts players to the game. The sound effect cannot be left behind while talking about the goods of this game. The sounds and music used in Shadow fight 2 mod APK is not only realistic but also beautiful and proper.

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The music accurately matches the intensity of the game. Even the graphics of the fighting scenes are very good. The background too comes in while speaking of the goods in the game. The variety of weapons too come in as the good things that Shadow fight 2 mod APK provides.

The Bads of Shadow fight 2 mod APK

While mentioning the goods of the game it is also necessary to say about the bad things the game has, though less in number. One of the common problems that players of this game face is crashing. Though the graphics seem quite good but still it crashes because it is not fully HD. Another bad thing that has been reported about this game is the consumption of too much battery charge and memory. Beyond these, the game is a popular choice for many gamers.

Final say

Many fighting games have come to the market and have unique features, but Shadow fight 2 mod APK stands as a unique game with amazing features like a silhouette. Beyond that, it is a freemium app that is exceptionally good. It is a fun addictive shooting game. The huge number of enemies and weapons is also very attractive. Leaving behind the few bands it has shadow fight 2 mod APK is a fantastic game that any individual like you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want. Headphones or earphones are necessary mandatorily to experience sound and musical effects.


  • How can gems be collected in Shadow fight 2?

In order to collect more gems, you need to buy different keys for bosses. Even for regular goals, you need to skip the timer and skip waiting time while fighting with the boss. You must buy packs and special chests too.

  • How can Titan be defeated easily in Shadow fight 2?

In order to defeat Titan, you need to have access to the hacked version. But to save yourself from Titan you can very easily avoid his sword attacks by rolling down to the other side of Titan which is his back and attack him with boss or monk weapons.

  • Does Shadow fight 1 exist?

The answer is both a positive and a negative. Shadow fight 1 used to exist. But it was a Facebook-based game developed by the same developer NEKKI. This version was launched on Facebook in 2011. But NEKKI has gone for a permanent closure of this game in October 2017.

  • Which are the stronger weapons in Shadow fight 2?

Some of the strong weapons in Shadow fight 2 mod APK are:

  • Dashio
  • Silver spear
  • Composite sword
  • How to defeat lynx in the game?

In order to get hold of lynx, you need to get hold of him closely. Yes, as far as you move from lynx it is much easier for him to kill you. You need to use close-range weapons to deal with him properly. Good combos are also a primary necessity here at this level. Tonfas and even daggers will work perfectly and suit your purpose. But always be very careful that you don’t move away too much from lynx.

  • Who is the final boss in Shadow fight 2 mod APK?

It is Titan. Yes, Titan is the antagonist of the game and the terminal boss too. He is feared by six demons and has conquered many worlds which he has kept as his slaves. Thus you can understand why he is the final boss and how powerful he is.

  • What happens after Titan’s death and defeat?

Titan is a mighty warrior. You need to fight against him for long. But after his defeat, he falls down and dies. There is a great explosion to end his existence. And with this, you the player get back your human form and your shadowy existence comes to an end. Now you can have an exit through the Gates of Shadow.

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