Betty Broderick Net Worth: A Housewife Turned Into A Murderer

Betty Broderick Net Worth

Step into the tumultuous world of Betty Broderick – a woman whose life was marked by love, betrayal, and a shocking tale of revenge. In this article, we will talk about Betty Broderick Net Worth. But first, let’s dive in and uncover the extraordinary events that shaped her destiny.

Who Is Betty Broderick?

Betty Broderick is a known name to so many. She is a woman whose story has left a mark on true crime chronicles. Betty led a seemingly ordinary life until her marriage unraveled in a spectacularly tragic fashion. She gained notoriety for killing her ex-husband, Dan Broderick, and his new wife, Linda Kolkena. But her story is more than just a headline. It’s a complex web of love, betrayal, and shattered dreams.

Betty Broderick Short Bio


Full Name Elisabeth Anne Bisceglia
Date Of Birth November 7, 1947
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York
Profession Housewife ( later a Murderer)
Education  College of Mount Saint Vincent
Spouse Daniel T. Broderick III


What Is Betty Broderick Net Worth?


Betty Broderick net worth was calculated to be $1.5 million. However, because of her life in prison, she has lost all her wealth.

Betty Broderick Net Worth

She was a homemaker. But after her divorce, Betty pursued various part-time jobs to support herself.

Early Life

Betty Broderick was born on November 7, 1947. She had five siblings.

Betty’s parents had high expectations for all their children and were strict. They believed in traditional gender roles. So Betty was raised to become a housewife. She was taught to go to Catholic schools, be cautious when dating until she found a Catholic man, support him while he worked, and enjoy her later years with beautiful grand children.

After finishing high school at Maria Regina High School, Betty went on to attend the College of Mount Saint Vincent in the Bronx. She studied early childhood education and completed an accelerated program, earning her degree.

Early Career

Part-time Jobs

Betty Broderick didn’t have a fancy career or a big job. She was a housewife. But she did some part-time jobs. For example, she sold products like Tupperware and Avon, which many people use in their homes.

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Author Career: Primary Earning Source Of Betty Broderick Net Worth

When Betty was sentenced to lifetime prison, she wrote her biography in jail. This book became very popular, and the media talked a lot about her.

Betty’s story inspired many movies and TV shows. “Dirty John: The Story of Betty and Dan Broderick” was based on her biography. Apart from that, it also had a significant part in “My Favorite Murder,” “Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick,” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. These shows and movies were made to share her story with a wider audience.


In 1965, Betty met a man named Dan Broderick. Dan came from a big Irish Catholic family and was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They got married later.

Betty Broderick Net Worth

Betty had her first daughter in 1970. Over the years, Betty and Dan welcomed four more children into their family. They had another daughter named Lee in 1971, followed by two sons named Daniel in 1976 and Rhett in 1979.


After their daughter Kim was born, Dan completed his medical degree. But he had bigger plans. He went to Harvard Law School. During that time, Betty became the main provider for the family. Dan got a job at a law firm in San Diego.

Betty continued working part-time to support the family, often selling products like Tupperware and Avon while taking care of their children. However, things took a difficult turn in their marriage when Dan hired a 21-year-old woman named Linda Kolkena as his legal assistant in 1982. Betty began to suspect that Dan was having an affair with Linda as early as October 1983, but Dan denied it. Despite Betty’s wishes, Dan decided to move out in February 1985. This led to a bitter and hostile divorce process.

By this time, Dan had become a well-known lawyer. Betty believed that Dan used his influence to make it hard for her to find a lawyer. She also felt that Dan unfairly gained sole custody of their children, sold their house against her wishes, and cheated her out of her rightful share of his income.

The divorce was finally completed in 1989, four years after Dan filed for it. However, Betty’s behavior became increasingly erratic. She left many angry and profane messages on Dan’s answering machine and ignored restraining orders that prevented her from going to his property. She even vandalized his new home and drove her car into his front door, even though their children were inside at the time.

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On April 22, 1989, Dan and Linda got married. Linda was anxious about Betty’s behavior. However, Betty didn’t show up. Betty claimed that Linda used to send her ads for facial creams and slimming treatments.


Tragically, eight months after purchasing a revolver and seven months after Dan and Linda’s wedding, Betty Broderick drove to Dan’s house in San Diego. Using a key she had taken from her daughter, she entered the house while the couple was asleep and shot them. Linda was instantly dead with two bullet shots in the chest. Dan was hit in the chest. One bullet struck the wall, and another hit a nightstand. Dan was only 17 days away from his 45th birthday, while Linda was 28 years old.


During her trial, evidence revealed that Betty had removed a phone and answering machine from Dan’s bedroom to prevent him from calling for help. Medical evidence showed that Dan did not have an instant death. Betty said that she even talked to him after shooting him.

After informing her daughter, Betty turned herself into the police. She never refuted being the one who pulled the trigger. According to her account during her second trial, she was startled by Linda’s screams of “Call the police!” and immediately fired the gun.

Dan and Linda Broderick were laid to rest together at Greenwood Memorial Park in San Diego, their final resting place.


During the trial, Betty’s defense claimed she had been abused for a long time. The prosecution argued she planned the murder and wasn’t a battered woman because she had a comfortable life after the divorce.

A doctor said Betty had personality disorders, which made the case more complicated. The first trial didn’t decide because the jury couldn’t agree. Some jurors thought she should be charged with manslaughter instead. So, they had a new trial a year later.

In the second trial, the same lawyers were there, but the prosecutor was more successful. The jury declared Betty guilty of murder. Betty has been in the California Institution for Women since then. She tried to get parole three times but was denied each time.


How much money did the Broderick kids get?

Her kids would get $2.5 million each from their fathers’ insurance policy.

How is Betty Broderick doing now?

She is alive and in the California Institution for Women.

Does Betty Broderick have contact with her kids?

She has four kids.

Final Thoughts

Betty Broderick’s story is a sad and troubling one that captured people’s attention. Her trial showed different sides of the story, with her defense claiming domestic abuse while the prosecution argued she planned the murders. Betty Broderick net would have been worth millions if she didn’t commit murders. This case highlights the serious consequences of troubled relationships and the need for peaceful resolutions.

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